Yesterday was “hiking day”: From the rim of the Grand Canyon down to the Colorado River and back up again.


This hike provided some spectacular views of the landscape, various instants of contemplation and one most lucky moment after having returned – I made it!

When I reached the trail head after ten hours of hiking I saw a big warning sign: „DO NOT attempt to hike from the canyon rim to the river and back in one day. Each year hikers suffer serious illness or death from exhaustion.”

Well then, reading that sign on my way down could have been a somewhat discouraging experience. But this was “hiking day”, not “reading day”. Today I would have given a fortune for a new pair of legs. And I made the funniest moves getting out of the car walking like a duck on stilts. But these views are worth all of it. Exhaust yourself and you will free your mind and even might be able to have a great experience.