PS: The little town “Truth or Consequences” was formerly known as “Hot Springs” (based on the mineralized hot springs every guest still can enjoy in a hot tub under the nightly sky even without wearing a bathing suit – a quite uncommon opportunity in the U.S.)

The town took the name of the popular radio show “Truth or Consequences” in 1950 after the presenter, Ralph Edwards, had announced that he would broadcast his show from the city that was willing to name itself after his show. So “Hot Springs” was renamed as “Truth or Consequences” – according to this silly game that quite simply provides the players with some formal frame to do silly things. I remember having played the game over and over again when I was a very early teenager. It was just an excuse for the first kiss and touch – and therefore it was very useful and very exciting.

It’s not that exciting to take a walk in Truth or Consequences today. The little town is apparently no tourist or nightlife hot spot. So it happens to me that while walking from the hotel to a near restaurant people gather behind the blinds to take a closer look at that foreign woman passing on still somewhat stiff legs (the Canyon hike is yet very present in the memory of my muscles). In the restaurant am repeatedly approached by a guy who wants me to share a bottle of red wine with him while constantly calling me “Karen”. And I am not even told the specials of the day because the waitress is overwhelmed by the fact that a guest can happen to be just by herself in a restaurant because she wants to EAT.

The truth is: that’s what I did. And I slept ten hours in a wonderful bed. And the consequences were delightful: The six hours trip today was just a walk in the park.