Early in the morning Bill Clinton must have started his travel to Angola. No, not the one in Africa, a little town right at the boarder of Indiana and Michigan.


The people of the state below this border are supposed to decide on Tuesday, 6th of May, who is going to be the Democrats candidate for the presidential election. Indiana will make a difference. Therefore it needs Bill to reveal, why Hillary has to be the one.People line up outside of the Angola Middleschool in East Maumee Street. When they finally have entered the sports hall, a room with occupancy of 1.000 people, it’s full but not crowded. “If you look around there are empty seats all over the place”, a man standing next to me tells a virtual listener. “I thought they would be turning people away.” Apparently he anticipated more Bill-Fans.

When the Ex-President formerly also known as a candidate, appears on stage I have to admit: The people present manage to impose the impression that about 3.000 fans are in this coliseum, screaming and shouting.

Bill Clinton is fascinating. He is charming. He looks even better than when he was President. He is a real talent as a speaker. He has charisma. And apart from all the stories everybody has heard and read all over again – he just appears convincing and trustworthy. You want to believe that he knows what he is talking about. And in the first place: You want to listen to him.

And he knows how to address audiences in the right way. Of course, parts of his talks are stump speech, but he impressively adapts them to this middle age, slightly conservative, all white audience – political fine-tuning. “The middle class is under assault” is one of his first statements. Which says: ‘YOU are under assault’ – ‘and Hillary is the saviour of the dishonoured on her way to rescue you and this god blessed town of Angola. He carefully and extensively addresses every issue that is of specific importance on the political agenda of these people. The Iraq war and the military (“I know that Indiana has more people in the National Guard than any other state!”), the economy and the job drain as a result of globalization (“She will bring manufacturing jobs back to America!”) and the mortgage crises (“This is a crazy system and you are paying for it!”).

“She proposes” is the most frequently heard beginning of a statement in his speech. And then he explains what Hillary proposes in terms of economy, military, war, jobs, trade, gas prices, health care, education and the financial markets. An impressive political agenda presented as a narration of the reawakening of America.

In the evening of the same day I hear Hillary talk in Indianapolis about the same topics. She is even more convincing in terms of facts and argumentation lines. But Bill will still be the one the people love more. Why? Because he is a performer on every stage of political and daily life. He is an excellent teacher in a course for “supportive spouses”, be it in an election campaign, a business education seminar or even a slumber party.

In her own speech that evening Hillary asks the people of Indiana to look at this Primary as a hiring. “Who would you hire to change the economy, to provide health care for everybody, to bring back our troops in 60 days?” Of course, she hopes that they will hire her. The only question left is: Is this the matter? Or do the American people rather ask: “Whom do I want to invite to my barbecue party?” If this was true Bill would better do it again.