The boundaries between a politician and a pop star are blurring with every minute people in the park of Fort Wayne, Indiana, listen to Barack Obama speaking.

This May evening in Indianapolis is very cold. Temperatures have dropped more than ten degrees over the day – badly enough the big pre primary party will be an outside event in the White River State Park.

Which road are the Democrats going to take? After the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama yesterday evening, six days ahead of the Pennsylvania Primaries, nothing has become less unclear than is has been for the last weeks.

Getting closer to the Pennsylvania primaries on the 22nd of April a topic has popped up that might do some damage to Barack Obama and his potential results in the East Coast State. It was the Huffington Post, the popular weblog of Ariana Huffington, that brought it up.

Das Interview zum Blog: ScienceBlogs: Sie waren sicher oft in den USA. Wovon erhoffen Sie sich neue, tiefgründigere Einblicke? Miriam Meckel: Eines der spannendsten Themen ist natürlich der US-Wahlkampf, den ich jetzt aus einem anderen Blickwinkel beobachten kann. Ich habe schon einige Eindrücke zu den brennenden Fragen bekommen, mit denen ich mich beschäftigen muss: Rassen-…

At an evening reception these days in Philadelphia I spoke to a business man about 60 years old. As in lots of other discussions the talk quickly triggered the U.S. elections. He told me he was about to change his registration as a Republican to be able to vote for Barack Obama at the upcoming…

Do politicians lie? Yes, from time to time they do. That’s what we all know. Hillary Clinton made it easy to disprove her creative narrative of getting into sniper fire in Bosnia in March 1996.