The article in the The Baker Street Chronicle

Meanwhile, Nicole’s article has been published in the The Baker Street Chronicle. It’s a very interesting read with much information not only about Sherlock Holmes but also about the history of cryptography.


The article is not available online, but you can buy a copy of the magazine on the Baker Street Chronicle website.

Let’s hope that either a blog reader or a reader of The Baker Street Chronicle can help to solve these cryptograms.

Further reading: The ciphers of the Unabomber

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  1. #1 Bryan Kesselman
    6. Oktober 2016

    Thanks for your recent interesting Tweet, Sherlock Holmes and the Pollaky Cryptograms, which I have just seen. You may have seen my biography of Pollaky. He destroyed all his records. Nothing of his remains at his last home in Brighton, and his house in Paddington Green was demolished in 2010. He evidently used many different codes, there are 100s of Times ads by him – many in code. He was a truly fascinating person whose activities involved espionage as well as acting for private individuals. Fortunately many of his letters survive in archives in England and America. Some can be read in my book. Best wishes, Bryan