In the end credits of the movie Fair Game (2010) some letters are marked. Blog reader Rossignol has now provided me screenshots that are very helpful for studying this code.

In  2014 blog reader Ralf Jäger made me aware of a little known crypto mystery: In the end credits of the movie Fair Game (starring: Naomi Watts and Sean Penn) a code is hidden.

After Ralf’s hint I bought a DVD of this movie. I ignored the main part and only looked at the end credits. It turned out that Ralf was right. Some of the letters in the end credits are marked yellow. According to the web site AboveTopSecret, the marked letters form the following sequence:


The question mark is included because the fourth letter of the sequence is not visible (see below).

As far as I know, the meaning of these marked letters is not publicly known. This means that although millions of people have watched the movie Fair Game, the Fair Game code has never been solved. In April I covered the Fair Game code in my series about the 50 most important unsolved cryptograms.

Earlier this week blog reader Rossignol, a skilled codebreaker and crypto history expert from France, provided me a complete set of screenshots of the Fair Game end credits. Here they are:




Thank you very much to Rossignol for providing these screenshots. They are very helpful for studying this unsolved crypto mystery.

So far, not much has been published about the Fair Game code. After I had published my first blog article about it, I received the following comment from a reader calling himself Martin Halpin:


The comment says (in German): “Don’t focus on the yellow letters, better take them as markers for the following letters.” It is the only comment that has ever been published on Klausis Krypto Kolumne under this name. The author is probably not a native speaker of German, as the words “kaprizieren”, “Letter”, and “Marker” are quite uncommon in this context. Martin Halpin is a character in James Joyce’s novel Finnegan’s Wake.

It seems possible that the production company of Fair Game is behind this comment. After all, the producers have an interest in increasing the popularity of their code. In any case it would be interesting to look at the sequence of letters that occurs if one takes the characters that stand directly behind the marked ones.

If a reader has some new clues about the Fair Game code, please let me know.

Further reading: Who can find the hidden messages in these 16th century texts?


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Kommentare (10)

  1. #1 Rich SantaColoma
    24. Juni 2017

    I come up with a “next letter” sequence of:


    My “two letter” sequences in parenthesis, with question mark, are because of an asumption that two yellow letters would be followed by two “next” code letters.

    I see nothing in there as direct plain text, except for a few words such as “cease”, “rinse”, “art”, “russ” and “web”.

    That is all I have… but maybe it will be of help to someone else?

  2. #2 BREAKER
    27. Juni 2017

    Nein you didn’t Hollywood!!! How nice of you to hint at an up and coming event !!!!!

    My first article in town here….opening my bizzy biz….

    Fare Warning….

    It was kinda out of the Blue that they knew I was opening my business and their article was labeled just so……after the “warnings” they like to put out to anyone that talks about their “Thrill of the Chase”. They can’t catch my chariots…..

    The themes of the movie are clear as is the carrying presence of an underlying theme…..a ‘message’ to a certain person that is a theme found in other media as well.

    Except the person that made the message was tied into numerous other affairs of state.

    Well this mystery agent’s identity is BLOWN…..and these are THEIR threats that are being thrown out in the media to make it all the more enticing…..the excitement…..the prestige of completing their mission….

    To kill the King…….

    But of course you wouldn’t know what code was there with all that Black and White background color passing by with a hint of ORANGE

    Makes you wanna ROAR like a tiger……….

    The Orange Theory –

  3. #3 BREAKER
    27. Juni 2017

    Now the cipher itself is a themed one and “credits” are usually the honors that are attributed to the “Names” of these actors at the “End” of the Game……

    Now what Cipher do we know that has Names at the end of it……Names and Addresses it said of the Beale Party?

    Take the words that are containing the yellow and lay them out…….

    Not the letters “After” the highlighted one as the hints show……but the whole word like in the Beale……

    I bet the whole thing looks different……like an actual warning

  4. #4 BREAKER
    27. Juni 2017

    The message using this format is a long one and it seems that it is making up its own plot of some sort…..

    Seeing the recent El Chapo interview that Sean Penn made and then the final arrest, and Sean’s little apologetic recap on his operation he seems to be quite into the Cabal’s connections and has some interest at covering up the trail of Hollywood’s corruption in the drug industry….and their ties to the Corrections Corp of America…the profiteer from Hollywood’s racketeering.

    Here’s the message of his big future gig after Fair Game…..a simple coded message of his intent to play a real life agent….with El Chapo

    HAIRSTYLIST (tracking device?)
    SHOPMAN (manufacturing location of device?)

    It goes on and on of how they planned the operation and set up the tracking device in Sean Penn’s hair…..and were able to track him through the delay in the SAR signal of a wireless device….to the location to catch El Chapo.

    The device was planted in his hair…..

  5. #5 BREAKER
    27. Juni 2017


    Where is Chapo?

  6. #6 Gerhard F. Strasser
    27. Juni 2017

    For what it’s worth: Martin Halpin’s comment–of 2014 vintage–does not do justice to the German words in question: “kaprizieren” is common in educated speech/writing (though rare); “Letter” for “Buchstabe” is used in linguistics and, again, quite common; “Marker” is listed in DUDEN as follows:
    * Stift zum Markieren (1a)
    * (Biologie) genetisches Merkmal bei Viren
    (Medizin) biologische Substanz (z. B. Protein, Hormon), deren Vorhandensein im Körper auf einen Krankheitszustand hindeutet
    * (Sprachwissenschaft) Merkmal eines sprachlichen Elements, dessen Vorhandensein mit + und dessen Fehlen mit − gekennzeichnet wird
    * (Sprachwissenschaft) Darstellung der Reihenfolge von grammatischen Regeln, die angeben, wie aus einer gegebenen syntaktischen oder semantischen Struktur andere Strukturen abzuleiten sind.
    Once more we have a word taken from linguistics (3rd or 4th meanings)–which would mean that “Martin Halpin” is a native German speaker, and a highly educated one to boot …
    It all means that the assumption that “Hollywood” might be behind this encoded message is hardly plausible; the idea of counting the letters right after the yellow ones is nice but does not seem to get us much further, either.

  7. #7 BREAKER
    28. Juni 2017

    @Gerhard F Strasser

    The whole Word that holds a mark is used to deliver a Perser Code…..

    Used to mask intention in the wandering variables of potential interpretations.

    Why else would there be a Coded Cipher?

    To play a joke on someone who breaks codes?

  8. #8 Stephen Hughes
    Method of Attack
    24. März 2019

    Hi Guys,
    I am passionate about cryptography, and I recently came across this mystery. I feel thrilled and electrified. I have looked at the background of this code, and I have decided to proceed as follows. I would be grateful for your opinions on my approach.
    I have decided to heavily follow Martin Halpin’s clue. I am using coding methods where the yellow letters (YL) describe the location of the plaintext letters. For example, one idea I had was that the nth position of the yellow letters in the word they appear would describe the plaintext letter location – so if the YL was in the 2nd position of the word, then the plaintext letter would be given by the 2nd word following the word containing the YL and it would be in the 2nd position of this word.

  9. #9 captain
    27. März 2019

    It’s obvious! DON’T EAT YELLOW SNOW

  10. #10 Racingdevil48
    The code
    19. April 2019

    I have good news and bad news. First, the good. I used the tweet and found out that the code is this: TAT?DAMOTAEAYEPMLEFCICEASEARTIRINSEORANAEOUIUGLEAOSADOAUEAYRUSSVWBERR
    Now looking through this, couple of words are found like Ease and Art are right next to each other. The bad news, Idk what this means.