The gravestone of John Laird McCaffrey in Montreal, Canada, bears a hidden message. Last week I had the chance to go on site and take a look at it.

Gravestones bearing steganographic messages are very rare – only two of them are mentioned in the literature known to me. Over the last few days I had the chance to visit both of them. So, I decided to write a two part report about my expeditions to steganographic gravestones. Here is part 2.


The grave of John Laird McCaffrey

The more famous of the two gravestones bearing a hidden message is located in the Notre-Dame-des-Neige Cemetery in Montreal, Canada. When last week I attended an exhibition in Montreal


… I took the chance to visit this cemetery.


It goes without saying that this gravestone is mentioned in my Cryptologic Travel Guide (I introduced it in my last blog post; the page was made by Christian Baumann).


The Notre-Dame-des-Neige Cemetery is one of the largest in Canada. When I went there last Monday I had wonderful fall weather.


The grave I was looking for is located in section C, lot 01369 (date buried: 14/08/1995). Without this information it is as good as impossible to locate a particular grave in this huge cemetery.


Here’s the grave I was looking for – the one of John Laird McCaffrey. It doesn’t look very special …


On the front side not much can be seen:


The hidden message is encoded on the rear-side of the gravestone:


The hidden message

I hope you can see the message on the following picture:


The following picture is the proof that I was actually there:


As you see, it doesn’t take much to create a gravestone that stands out among thousands of others – at least if one knows what is special about it.


Shortly before I finished this article, I discovered a website mentioning a similar gravestone, which is located in a cemetery in Hollywood. Now, my collection of steganographic gravestone has grown to three.

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Kommentare (8)

  1. #1 robsn
    30. Oktober 2017

    Has anyone ever examined the butterfly? I am not into steganography but the wings seem quite irregular.

  2. #2 tomtoo
    30. Oktober 2017
  3. #3 George Keller
    30. Oktober 2017

    Great idea, maybe I will have mine done in Morse Code (DIT DIT DAH DIT — DIT DIT DAH)



  4. #4 Piper
    3. November 2017

    And whats the story behind that gravestone?

    His friends didnt like him very much, eh?

    Or is there something more?

  5. #5 Piper
    3. November 2017

    Ah, yes, found it 😛

    Looks like he wasnt such a nice guy :)


  6. #6 tomtoo
    5. November 2017

    Who knows ?
    If you do extreme sports. People give high five and say “fuck you”. Something like in Germany “Hals und Beinbruch” ?

  7. #7 Piper
    8. November 2017


    i somehow doubt that, just click on that link i posted and read:

    “This guy’s ex-wife and mistress came in together and ordered the stone. They said the message represented him. It was a thing between the three of them.”

    Or in german:

    Seine Ex-Frau und seine Geliebte erschienen zusammen und bestellten den Stein. Sie sagten, der Text zeigt, wie er war. Das war eine Sache zwischen diesen drei Personen.

    Noch Fragen, tomtoo? 😛

  8. #8 Alex
    23. November 2017

    Brilliant! Ich überlege mir stark ob ich mein Grabstein auch ähnlich gestalten lassen soll. 😀