In 2015, I published my first article about the Dors cryptogram (in German). There were a number of comments, but nobody came up with a convincing explanation of what Dors’ message is about.

Here is the TV documentary (Andrew Clark appears sevaral times):

There used to be a website about this documentary, which is still available via the Internet Archive.

If you know more about this story, please let me know.

Further reading: Tony Gaffney’s starlight steganogram


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  1. #1 Thomas
    10. April 2018

    The documentary (40:00) shows a bank account statement from 29.8.1979 issued by the Midland Bank (today HSBC), Chobham Road, Sunningdale, Ascot, Berkshire. According to this statement 100.000 pounds were paid on an account hold by “H. Bowen”. In Diana Dors’ black book concerning her cash earnings here son has found a notice that she previously had been paid this sum in cash. So most likely the encrypted list beginning with “Bowen” contains the names of the account holders (and their locations) to whom she transferred (parts of) her earnings. I’m no expert in British law, but I think someone who wanted to open an account had to show an identity card, so that she couldn’t hold accounts under false names. Presumably the account holders were trustees in her favour. But since the additional informations about the accounts got lost with her husbands death, there is no way for her son to get the money back.

  2. #2 Thomas
    10. April 2018

    As to “Bowen”:
    Diana Dors’ husband, Alan Lake, was born in Stoke-on-Trent, his mother was Millicent Bowen. Alan Lake lived and died in Sunningdale, where “H. Bowen” held the bank account to which 100.000 pds. were transfered in 1979. So “Bowen” could have been a relative of Diana Dors’ mother-in-law, living in Alan Lake’s place of birth.

  3. #3 Thomas
    10. April 2018

    Diana Dors’ father was a Freemason which might have aroused her interest in masonic ciphers ( So “Mason, Slough” in the encrypted list could hint at the Masonic Centre in Slough, Berkshire.

  4. #4 Thomas
    10. April 2018

    “Dante” most likely refers to Troy Dante, a singer and actor (“Baby Love” with Troy Dante and Diana Dors) with whom D.D. lived in her home in Sunningdale in the sixties before she married Alan Lake (

  5. #5 Knox
    28. April 2018

    If the husband had complementary information that was insufficient in itself to recover the money, what could that information have been?

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    19. September 2019

    Before about 1985 a savings account could be opened in the UK with no id . A letter addressed to letter box at a newsagent in name of, for example “Mr Clive Smith” , from say, the West German Economic Research Institute would be sufficient. A copy of the account holder’s signature was kept and consulted for withdrawals. No form of identity document was needed. ID cards were abolished in 1948. My drivers licence has no photo. Passports are only needed for foreign travel (and not for Ireland). You could have opened accounts in the name of “Michael Maus” or “Donald Trump” without difficulty.