The German radio station WDR5 has aired a report about Enigma spy Hans-Thilo Schmidt. Among the experts quoted are Dermot Turing and me.

The Polish city of  Poznań offers a number of interesting Enigma sights. Now, a new one is planned: an Enigma information center. Suggestions from my readers on how this place might look like are highly welcome.

German mathematician Dr. Heinrich Döring was one of the most brilliant codebreakers of the Second World War. Does a reader know what happened to him after 1945?

In various parts of London and in many other English cities kerbstones bear enigmatic markings. This kerbstone code has yet to be deciphered.

Crypto expert Elonka Dunin has discovered a steganographic message on the tombstone of William and Elizebeth Friedman.

On Friday the Heinz Nixdorf Museum will broadcast a number of radio messages encrypted with an Enigma. Codebreaking experts in Bletchley Park will try to decipher these cryptograms with WW2 technology. Enigma experts will try the same with computer support.

Two researchers have introduced new techniques for breaking Enigma messages. Using these techniques they have deciphered hitherto unsolved Enigma cryptograms from World War II.

The Reihenschieber was a simple encryption device used by the Germans in the Cold War. I built a model of it with Lego bricks. Can you solve an encrypted text I produced with it?

Just like every end of year, I am awarding the Golden Alice for outstanding achievements in the field of crypto history.

Enigmas are getting more and more expensive. In New York, a four rotor naval Enigma has now sold for almost half a million dollars.