The Rohonc Codex, one of the world’s most famous crypto mysteries, appears to have been solved. Here are the details about the solution.


The Rohonc Codex, one of the world’s most famous crypto mysteries, appears to have been solved. And yes, I believe this solution is correct.


English actress Diana Dors left behind an encrypted message. This cryptogram allegedly leads to two million pounds.


In 1934, an inmate of the Ohio State Penitentiary tried to hand an encrypted message to a visiting woman. A warden intercepted the message, a codebreaker in Washington could decipher it. Can a reader figure out what kind of cipher was used?


In 1948, an anonymous codebreaker deciphered an encrypted message by British parapsychologist Robert Thouless. The solution is known. Can a reader find out how the successful attack worked?


The challenges of Giouan Battista Bellaso were one of the top unsolved crypto mysteries. Norbert Biermann has now published the last two parts of the solution.


Two encrypted letters written by Spanish king Ferdinand II of Aragon baffled historians. Thanks to secret service codebreakers, the mystery is now solved.


Israeli codebreaker and reader of this blog, George Lasry, has solved cryptogram #42 from my top 50 list.


Three weeks ago I introduced Ernest Rinzi’s encrypted journal – one of the most spectacular cryptograms I have ever seen. London-based codebreaker Tony Gaffney has now broken a large part of the cipher. Maybe a reader fluent in Italian can fill in the gaps and supply a translation.


A few weeks ago I introduced two unsolved encrypted letters from the Thirty Years’ War. Scientist and blog reader Thomas Ernst has deciphered them now.