German comedian Jan Böhmermann announced that he would present something “special” in his TV show. A steganographic message indicated that there was a relationship to the Ibiza affair. The truth proved much less spectacular.

A few years ago, online magazine “Naked Security” ran a steganography competition. The participants had to hide a given message in an inconspicuous letter using a method developed by British cipher experts in WW2. The results were quite impressing. Can a reader do better anyway?

A US magazine has published a letter containing a hidden message written by a prison inmate. The message is given, but the method used has not been published. Can a reader solve this mystery?

A few days ago, Queen Elizabeth II unveiled a new plaque that contains a hidden message. Can you break this code?

How to tell your loved one where you are, if you are a soldier and not allowed to mention your whereabouts in your letters? A German soldier in the Second World War came up with a steganographic technique.

A hidden message has been found on a paved square in Steyr, Austria. Now, the creator of this steganogram has to cover the costs for removing it.

The animal rights organisation PETA has found interesting ways to protest against animal cruelty.

In the Cold War, US scientist Gus Simmons discovered a serious weakness in a cryptologic disarmament technology. His discovery initiated a new branch of IT security. Nevertheless, nobody seems to know how this weakness worked. The paper Simmons published about it doesn’t contain a detailed description. Does a reader know more?

Many color laser printers add tiny yellow dots to each page they print. These dots encode the printer serial number and additional information. A recently published research paper reveals new information about this secret code.

In the intro of the German TV film “Im Namens meines Sohnes” a message is hidden. It is easy to solve.