A Reddit user has posted a postcard from Sweden written in 1910. Can a reader decipher it?


According to a Reddit post, a needlework made in the 1980s contains a hidden message. The details are not known any more. Can you find this message?


From 1884-1887 a series of 25 encrypted newspaper advertisements was published in the “Daily Telegraph”. The key is known. Can you help me to decrypt these messages?


Four years ago I blogged about an encrypted (?) text a blog reader had found in an old school book. It is still unsolved. Meanwhile I have better scans and some additional information.


Three encrypted newspaper advertisements from 1879 are still unsolved. Can you decipher them?


An evelope found in a stamp album contains two encrypted messages. Can a reader solve them?


The Rohonc Codex is one of the most famous cryptograms in the world. But is it still an unsolved one? That’s difficult to say.


A sixth encrypted bottle post has been found in the river Alster in Hamburg. Still, nobody seems to have a clue what these strange messages mean.


The Dorabella cryptogram, an encrypted message left behind by British composer Edward Elgar, is one of the most famous crypto mysteries in the world. Here are two more crypto mysteries Elgar created. They have not received much attention so far.


Here’s a postcard that was sent from the Isle of Wight to London in 1905. Can a reader decipher it?