A postcard from 1906 is written in a combination of Morse code, numbers, and letters. Can a reader solve this unusal cryptogram?


An encrypted postcard from the 1870s is written in a strange code. Can a reader solve it?


A postcard from 1909 bears an encrypted message and an unusual spelling of a remarkable rock. Can a reader solve these mysteries?


On Reddit an encrypted postcard from 1909 was published. Can you decipher it?


A postcard from 1910 is encrypted in three different ciphers. Can a reader solve this unusual cryptogram?


In 1907 an encrypted postcard was sent from Box, UK, to nearby Chippenham. Can a reader decipher this note?


In 1906 an unknown person sent an encrypted postcard from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Vaasa, Finland. Can a reader decrypt it?


During World War II a woman from Loiret, France, sent an encrypted message to a recipient in Nantes, France. Can a reader break this cryptogram?


The new year begins with six encrypted postcards from the 19th century. They were provided to me by the National Cryptologic Museum. Can a reader decipher them?


In 1905 a woman named Elena Moga received an encrypted postcard. Can a reader break this cryptogram?