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A coded postcard from 1914 In 1914, an unknown person sent an encrypted message from Bavaria to Switzerland. Who can solve the encryption?

Mystery of encrypted postcard from Ohio solved Two weeks ago I presented an encrypted postcard from Ohio. Armin Krauß has cracked the encryption. Tobias Drewelius found out interesting things about the musical background and even played the notes on the piano.

Another encrypted postcard A coded postcard from 1910 poses a mystery. Can a reader decipher it?

Unsolved: A coded postcard from Ohio A Florida blogger is searching for the solution to a 1910 encrypted postcard. Can a reader help her?

Two encrypted postcards from 1908 and 1910 Today it’s again about two coded messages sent by young men to their lovers. Can my readers unravel the love mystery?

An encrypted postcard from 1962 Today it’s about a nearly 60 year old encrypted postcard. Its recipient provided it to me himself.

Four encrypted postcards from England (part 2) Two encoded postcards from the London and Southwest England area are waiting to be deciphered. Can my readers help?

Four encrypted postcards from England (part 1) Several encrypted postcards from different parts of England are waiting to be deciphered. Can my readers help?

Three unusual encrypted postcards Encrypted postcards are often quite easy to solve for a skilled codebreaker. The three examples I’m presenting today, however, seem extremely tricky. Will a reader still manage to crack them?

Three encrypted postcards with actresses motif Around 1905, three British men independently sent coded postcards with an actress depicted on them to their lovers. One of the cards is still unsolved.