Aufgrund der Internationalität ist folgender Eintrag nur auf Englisch. Bitte um Verständnis!

The objective of this incredibly hard game is relatively simple: Locate the picture below on Google Earth using nothing but geological clues. If you don’t like to play or consider Google Earth to be a huge waste of time, just ignore this post. It’s WoGE time!

Here’s how the game works: (taken from Ron’s page)

“For those of you who may be unfamiliar with WoGE (who dat?), the object is to search Google Earth until you find the tract of land pictured below. Once you’ve found it, identify its latitude and longitude in the comments to this post and do what you can to describe the geological significance of this area or the landform in question. The winner (first person to post the correct location and geology) will have the honor of hosting the next WoGE competition on their own Geoblog. If you haven’t won (recently) or have just been thinking about starting your own geology blog it’s a great chance to win a little exposure among your colleagues and the bragging rights that go with that. If you’re getting bogged down or just want to take a break from searching, consider taking a tour of past WoGE localities – the list is getting quite impressive. ”

More on the rules on felix’ blog:

If you don’t have your own geoblog, no problem- just ask a geoblogger to kindly host it for you.

After winning the last WoGE at reynardo’s place featuring beautiful river geometry and limestone caves, I opted for something more sinister-looking. Tow slow down the breakneck pace of previous contests, I chose a very small aperture and North remains undisclosed. Schott rule applies. Here you go:


Posting time: 11:27 UTC

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  1. #1 Matt Hall
    3. Februar 2011

    11˚38’17”N, 42˚27’52”E
    Lake Assal, Djibouti

    This is part of the Afar Triangle, the only ridge-ridge-ridge triple junction above sea-level, although this particular lake is about 150 m below sea-level in the Afar Depression. As such, this is the lowest dry point in Africa, apparently. According to Wikipedia, the lake is also hypersaline, second only to some lakes in the McMurdo dry valleys, Antarctica (I would never, ever have guessed that). Final interesting titbit: the lake is fed not by run-off but by hot springs, fed in turn by sea-water from the Gulf of Aden. In the viewOle selected, I guess we’re looking at some lava (black) and some country rock (brown), along with part of the lake itself.

    Absolutely fascinating – I learnt a lot reading about the place.

    As for finding it, I don’t know how or why but I went straight to it (after freaking out briefly about the lack of a north arrow and the crazy scale). The Afar Triangle was the most darstardly place I could think of.

    So then I guess it’s Kommentarvorschau…? Must be…

  2. #2 Matt Hall
    3. Februar 2011

    I might have been naughty. I assumed 11:27 UTC meant 1127 hr, as in am, but now I see the other little time-stamp says 00:25, which makes me think it must have been 11:27 as in pm.

    And I’ve won 3 times before so I was 56 minutes early so now I’m in big trouble with the big WoGE in the sky.

    Suggestions for ways to repent? I think maybe I just give it back to Ole and promise to keep my mouth shut next time. Sorry everyone. Sniff.

    At least now I know it’s Kommentar abschicken…

  3. #3 Felix Bossert
    3. Februar 2011

    @Matt: I don’t think anbody else would have found it that fast. I would suggest to wait until 12:00 UTC if someone else claims the game. If nobody does this, I would suggest that Ole as the host of this game is going to declare you as the winner.

    You are going to make me nervous by the way, 4 wins in maybe 6 weeks….. 😉

  4. #4 Felix Bossert
    3. Februar 2011

    @Ole: Wilkommen bei WOGE, damit erhöht sich die Zahl der deutschen Mitspieler auf 4 (wenn meine Kalkulation stimmt, davon 2 derzeit inaktiv).

  5. #5 Ole
    3. Februar 2011


    Spot on! Dont worry about the 56 minutes. I’d be surprised if there were any contenders. So much for hoping this would last a few days, though – lol 🙂

    The whole area is just brimming with amazing geology. Next to this picture, you can actually see several vents and mounds. I am still not fully understanding everything that happens there.

    Woge 265 is all yours!


    Danke ^^ habe in meinem alten Blog früher mal 2 gelöst, war aber länger nicht mehr aktiv.

  6. #6 fj
    4. Februar 2011

    @Felix: I’m not sure if I’m “inactive” regarding WoGE: it’s more like “too slow”. Recently, I’ve only seen them when all was done already. 🙁

  7. #7 Matt Hall
    4. Februar 2011

    Where on Google Earth #265 is up here

  8. #8 Felix Bossert
    8. Februar 2011

    @Florian: You are right. It’s not easy to catch a WOGE recently as they are solved too fast. Great that you are still with the WOGE game! Hopefully we get the lost “lost Geologist” back, then we would be four. Viele Grüße von BW nach Cottbus.