i-72698c54404d744fcc286e5a86a79bf8-Lindau_Logo_klein.jpgEvery year – always starting at the last weekend of June – the Nobel Laureates meet in Lindau at Lake Constance. This year’s meeting is all about chemistry. ScienceBlogs accompanies the conference in this blog. With live reports directly from the island hall in Lindau and with many articles about this unique scientific event.

It is always sort of a „family reunion” of Nobel Laureates when by the end of June the “Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting” takes place. This year’s focus lies on chemistry and the participants are looking forward to an interesting program with various talks and panels.

Which role does chemistry play for the 21st century?

Which role chemistry could and should play in the solution of problems of the 21st century is the central question of the 59th Nobel Laureates Meeting. Altoghether 23 Nobel Laureates confirmed their attendance to be at Lake Constance between 28/6/09 and 3/7/09 where they will be talking to colleagues and more than 600 young academics from all over the world.

One of the main topics in Lindau 2009: What can chemistry contribute in the fight against climate change?

When it comes to the possible contributes chemistry can offer to the future then the challenges of the climate change are of course one main topic. The panel on the last day of the conference (3/7/09) is dedicated to “Global Warming and Sustainability”. Also the panel on 1/7/09 at which among others the Nobel Laureates Gerhard Ertl, Hartmut Michel or Richard Royce will participate, will be focusing on ecologically-sustainable topics: “The Role and Future of Chemistry for Renewable Energy”.

From ecology to modern cell biology

But the spectrum of speech topics reaches way further than that. Biochemists as well will get their money’s worth in Lindau, when e.g. on thursday morning last year’s three Nobel Laureates (Martin Chalfie, Roger Y. Tsien and Osamu Shimomura) will be talking about the perspectives that their discovery of green-fluorescent protein (gfp) offers to cell biology and medicine.

But those are just few highlights of the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting 2009. An entire team of authors will be writing on this blog and present the program within the next weeks and of course report live from Lindau.

To not miss anything it is worth keeping an eye on this blog.

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