Today I am very pleased to have the chance to moderate a press panel about Open Access at 4 p.m. Nobel Laureate Sir Harald Kroto will tell us about his efforts to improve science education with different online projects. Dr. Jason Wild, publisher of Nature Physics, will tell us, what Nature Publishing Group does for Open Access. And Bora Zivkovic, community manager at PLoS may give us some insights in the OA movement.

Therefore I post a short linklist, which might help to get some more background informations.

The VEGA Science Trust Videos
Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology – GEOSET
Geoset stranded site

Nature Physics

Nature Scitable

Nature Networks


PLoS One

A Blog around the Clock

Nature Manuscript Deposition Service

PLoS progress report June 8th 2009

Peter Suber’s Open Access News

Boston Blog about MIT and NIH Open Access policies (March 2009)

Green Open Access by depositing (UK)

and many many more…

Hope for a stimulating discussion!

 » Beatrice Lugger ist Chemikerin und Wissenschaftsjournalistin.


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  1. #1 B.-C. Kämper
    Juni 30, 2009

    Geoset stranded site: “stranded” indeed, like a wrecked ship. Please remove local site prefix from URL. Thanks! bck

  2. #2 Marc
    Juni 30, 2009

    Sorry. The link is fixed.