Strahlung kann Menschen, Umwelt und Konstruktionsmaterialien beschädigen. Hier ist eine Zusammenfassung der Artikel, die ich zu dem Thema geschrieben habe.


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  1. #1 DasOlli
    28. Juli 2015

    FYI :

    The effects of exposure to ionizing radiation have been studied for decades. The health effects of moderate to high exposure are well characterized, but the effects of low-level, chronic exposure remain a subject of continued debate.1 Moreover, repeated or protracted low-dose rate exposures to ionizing radiation have become increasingly common over the past quarter-century.1 The largest contributor to this trend has been medical radiation exposure.2,3 Since the 1980s, studies of nuclear industry workers have been conducted to provide direct information about these effects.2,3 These cohorts are well suited for this purpose: they include large number of workers, with individual (person-specific) monitoring of external doses and many years of follow-up. Estimates from early, cohort-specific studies, were, however, compatible with a wide range of possibilities, from a reduction of risk at low doses to risks higher than those on which current radiation protection recommendations are based.

    To further improve the precision of estimates of radiation-induced cancer risk following protracted low doses of ionizing radiation and to strengthen the scientific basis of radiation protection standards, an International Collaborative Study of Cancer Risk among Radiation Workers in the Nuclear Industry, the ‘15-Country Study’, was carried out using a common core protocol in 15 countries.3–5 Information was collected on nearly 600 000 workers and a thorough study of errors in recorded doses was carried out to evaluate the comparability of recorded dose estimates across facilities and time, and to identify and quantify sources of bias and uncertainties in dose

    estimates, which were taken into account in the statistical analyses of the results.6

    Within the 15-country study, the cohorts of nuclear workers from France, the UK and the USA provided the vast majority of the information available on early nuclear workers. They provided 62% of the person-years …

  2. #2 Tobias Cronert
    28. Juli 2015

    Nettes Paper, das ich bislang noch nicht kannte. Danke.