Developing a developed country As we have almost reached the top of the hill plateau north of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a water truck passes spraying water on the road to keep the dust down.

Up to the present days I have always considered religion to be a combination of individual belief and community practice based on a transcendental but non financial fundament.

Quality for less I have travelled throughout parts of the USA these weeks. I have travelled along the formation of a leading country in our world. And I have hit the road of globalization with all its disparities.

Southeast of Marfa towards the border of Mexico there is a little ghost town called Shafter. If you leave the highway and follow a dirt road to a tiny plateau you will find an old Mexican cemetery full of ‚wolf graves’. They are very shallow because the ground is so rocky that people can’t dig…

Driving in the U.S. is a pleasure. There is nothing more comfortable in this country than cars and roads. And there is nothing people do care more about. Driving from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Marfa, Texas, I detected the cruise function in my rental car.

PS: The little town “Truth or Consequences” was formerly known as “Hot Springs” (based on the mineralized hot springs every guest still can enjoy in a hot tub under the nightly sky even without wearing a bathing suit – a quite uncommon opportunity in the U.S.)

I learn to love these business hotels. They are almost all the same, green carpets with traces of former guests, a coffee machine, a big TV set with additional offerings of mature audience content. You won’t be able to guess where you are until leaving the hotel again.

Yesterday was “hiking day”: From the rim of the Grand Canyon down to the Colorado River and back up again.

It is true that trees can tell stories about growth and the change of seasons, that mountains tell the story of the earth and evolution as well as very individual stories about human challenges and failures, that the sun every day tells the story of an beginning and an end.

Which road are the Democrats going to take? After the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama yesterday evening, six days ahead of the Pennsylvania Primaries, nothing has become less unclear than is has been for the last weeks.