Observing the U.S. as a German I will even as a member of the after World War II generation always remember how the USA helped to re-establish Germany (at least the Western part of it). The Marshall plan comes to ones mind as well as the airlift to the airport Berlin Tempelhof that Berlin now…

There was this song by “Dance to Trance” in 1998 which was called “Power of the American Natives”. It’s not exactly the musical quality of this song that made me remember it these days but a visit to the Navajo Nation – the Indian settlement that embraces parts of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. With…

The ‘You’-people When you stroll along the streets of New Orleans you might happen to pass a small Christian community with a nice church. Right beside the church on a brick wall you see a large board with the names of 210 people written on it.

There were times when pickpockets and loose women were regarded as likely bad for one’s health, reputation and overall existence. Since then things have supposedly changed a bit and become more liberal – in terms of sexual relations. This might turn out as a theoretical assumption in some parts of the USA. I have tried…

After 23 years they will shuffle off their mortal coil – tells a postcard one of the waiters at Restaurant Florent in New York’s Meatpacking district hands out to the customers who haven’t heard yet.

In his book „The world is flat” Thomas Friedman describes the changes and chances globalization and technology bring to all of us. I have thought about this flatness again and again travelling these days. Maybe not accurately the way Friedman meant it.

Here we go: the long and winding road might stay long and winding since Obama took North Carolina and Hillary managed to squeeze a plus of about 20.000 voters in her ballots to take Indiana.

I am familiar with quite a variety of arguments the newspaper business imposes on itself to commit suicide fearing dead. Decline of circulation, decline of market shares, the movement of advertising revenues from print to online, the fading of a whole industry.

Developing a developed country As we have almost reached the top of the hill plateau north of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a water truck passes spraying water on the road to keep the dust down.

Quality for less I have travelled throughout parts of the USA these weeks. I have travelled along the formation of a leading country in our world. And I have hit the road of globalization with all its disparities.