Didn’t I write a book about how to reduce complexity in every day life? Didn’t I write a whole chapter on how to cope with all these demands for making a choice and taking a decision?

And didn’t I allude to all these crazy ‘maximizers’ of our current time trying to get hold of each and every information as well as each and every consumer product that is supposed to make life easier but instead incriminates us with handling all this stuff and stresses us while attempting to get rid of it again?

Yes, I did.

And did I learn from that?

No, I didn’t.

Why do I have to be infected by this lousy virus of shopping greed each time I visit New York? Why am I thinking again and again that there is this one and only extraordinary jeans that I have to look for because it will change my life (t-shirts can not only changes lives but can change the world as I have learned from GAP these days)? And why am I not in the position to pass an ‘Abercrombie & Fitch” store without entering it?

This is even more crazy because these store are consumer unfriendly. I try to look for some nice clothes but can’t find them because the shop is almost completely dark. One can’t even figure out the colour of the t-shirts or pullovers. Therefore I have to ask a sales clerk if the shirt is green or red (I am not color-blind by the way, it’s really dark in there). He is very friendly and communicative, the only problem is: I can’t here what he is telling me because the music is so loud. So I end up with a t-shirt that turns out to be light green instead of grey. Umpf.

I know that I won’t be able to wear all these damned clothes because I can’t wear more than one jeans and one t-shirt at the same time (normally). I know that I will have to pay for overweight at the airport on my way to the next city I am going to spend some days at (and after that again and again and again …). I know that I will be about to freak out at Times Square trying to balance these shopping bags through crowds of people who couldn’t care less about me and my shopping overload.

I want to be freed from desire and to get rid of this infectious shopping greed. So my next book will be about the „happiness of living naked – how a life without clothes simplifies your existence and traces back your life to the real things”). Maybe it’s just this city that drives me crazy each time. I love it, I hate it and I know everything about it. And next time it’ll be just the same again.

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  1. #1 Cornelia
    Mai 21, 2008

    What a nice and lovely article! I love this one because i really understand you!!

    But I’m really sorry…writting a book about how to live nacked just to avoid the lastest craze won’t work. You are a woman and you like clothes and shoes and bags and…whatsoever. We are still on ScienceBlogs.de right? Anyway (!) if you consider wearing a birthday suit all the time you might also consider moving to Hawaii…or maybe boykotting China’s clothing industry might work for you as well…then we all will have to wear our by God given beauty. 🙂 I start to protest! …i thought of using a night-sision glasses but everything will appear green, isn’t it? So no good!

    Never mind! I enjoyed reading your writting!