There are so many opportunities, various routes we can take, diverse buttons we can press to initiate a process that might take us where we want to get to. But we can never foresee where we will wind up. This is a lesson for the simplifying-their-life kind of guys as well as for the control…

There was this song by “Dance to Trance” in 1998 which was called “Power of the American Natives”. It’s not exactly the musical quality of this song that made me remember it these days but a visit to the Navajo Nation – the Indian settlement that embraces parts of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. With…

After 23 years they will shuffle off their mortal coil – tells a postcard one of the waiters at Restaurant Florent in New York’s Meatpacking district hands out to the customers who haven’t heard yet.

Didn’t I write a book about how to reduce complexity in every day life? Didn’t I write a whole chapter on how to cope with all these demands for making a choice and taking a decision?

In his book „The world is flat” Thomas Friedman describes the changes and chances globalization and technology bring to all of us. I have thought about this flatness again and again travelling these days. Maybe not accurately the way Friedman meant it.

If I had been asked to create a movie set on: How will it look like when a presidential candidate visits a university, this would have been the story line: Young people with parents or relatives, local politicians and some other representatives sitting in an auditorium in such a nice and tidy university campus.

Here we go: the long and winding road might stay long and winding since Obama took North Carolina and Hillary managed to squeeze a plus of about 20.000 voters in her ballots to take Indiana.

The boundaries between a politician and a pop star are blurring with every minute people in the park of Fort Wayne, Indiana, listen to Barack Obama speaking.

This May evening in Indianapolis is very cold. Temperatures have dropped more than ten degrees over the day – badly enough the big pre primary party will be an outside event in the White River State Park.

Early in the morning Bill Clinton must have started his travel to Angola. No, not the one in Africa, a little town right at the boarder of Indiana and Michigan.