This May evening in Indianapolis is very cold. Temperatures have dropped more than ten degrees over the day – badly enough the big pre primary party will be an outside event in the White River State Park.

When I approach the greens the wind has gotten so strong than it suddenly blows off all the Hillary buttons from one table along the way. “When this once has got started it just goes off”, a staff member smiles at me.This “she will – we will” party is aimed at definitely mobilizing the people of Indiana to go and vote on Tuesday. Hillary needs this win as Barack Obama is supposed to win North Carolina on the same day and needs it, too. Since everybody has to enjoy themselves meanwhile the party starts. John C. Mellencamp, a rock musician people of my age remember pretty well, has endorsed a rally for Hillary. A lot of other politicians, senators and congress men and women, TV stars and movie makers join the endorsement on stage. That’s nice but very time consuming. And after one hour exposed to the cold wind I wish Hillary would appear pretty soon. She is the one the people are going be voting for, not the actress, no other congress members and not even Miss Indiana 2008 (though this might be a challenging decision for some of the guys on the ground).

Another 20 minutes pass, it has become dark now and I can’t feel my fingers anymore not to speak of opening a pocket or using a camera without shivering so strongly that the picture looks like taken during an earth quake. I get a bit worried that she might loose Indiana just because most of her most loyal voters will be down with influenza and stay in bed coming Tuesday. Somebody on stage is telling us that America is in crisis. I’m in crisis, too. Hillary wants to fight global warming. I am in favour of global warming from this moment on. I terribly need global warming right away.

Then she appears. 90 minutes after the party started. We are the happier to see her now that she has come. I have really wondered that all these people in the audience have not been getting annoyed. Maybe it’s because they are used to it. Maybe because it’s worth it listening to Hillary. Though she is ill and can hardly speak she gives a wide ranged impression of her political knowledge and experience. She makes some very precise points about the gas prices and the role of the oil industry. She explains why she wants to go in a confrontation with China about trade and copyright law. And she argues reasonably against the ‘no child is left behind’ program as a bureaucratic and ineffective monster. That is appealing. That is clear. That shows that she is bright and ready to hit the ground on day one after the presidential elections. And these are supposed to be a various proofs for one of the campaign claims that Hillary is the one “to close the deal”.

For me there is one doubt left. When the party goes on they play the song “Yes, she can change the world.” After having listened to her one is inclined to believe it. BUT: If it takes her one and a half hours to get on stage, how long will it take her to change the world?