Observing the U.S. as a German I will even as a member of the after World War II generation always remember how the USA helped to re-establish Germany (at least the Western part of it). The Marshall plan comes to ones mind as well as the airlift to the airport Berlin Tempelhof that Berlin now…

There was this song by “Dance to Trance” in 1998 which was called “Power of the American Natives”. It’s not exactly the musical quality of this song that made me remember it these days but a visit to the Navajo Nation – the Indian settlement that embraces parts of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. With…

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – or yourself from the candidate of an election campaign. When I first tried to enter a Barack Obama campaign event in the pavilion of Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I almost ended up at the entrance because of one single apple. A nice looking one,…

If I had been asked to create a movie set on: How will it look like when a presidential candidate visits a university, this would have been the story line: Young people with parents or relatives, local politicians and some other representatives sitting in an auditorium in such a nice and tidy university campus.

The boundaries between a politician and a pop star are blurring with every minute people in the park of Fort Wayne, Indiana, listen to Barack Obama speaking.

This May evening in Indianapolis is very cold. Temperatures have dropped more than ten degrees over the day – badly enough the big pre primary party will be an outside event in the White River State Park.

Early in the morning Bill Clinton must have started his travel to Angola. No, not the one in Africa, a little town right at the boarder of Indiana and Michigan.

PS: The little town “Truth or Consequences” was formerly known as “Hot Springs” (based on the mineralized hot springs every guest still can enjoy in a hot tub under the nightly sky even without wearing a bathing suit – a quite uncommon opportunity in the U.S.)

Which road are the Democrats going to take? After the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama yesterday evening, six days ahead of the Pennsylvania Primaries, nothing has become less unclear than is has been for the last weeks.

Getting closer to the Pennsylvania primaries on the 22nd of April a topic has popped up that might do some damage to Barack Obama and his potential results in the East Coast State. It was the Huffington Post, the popular weblog of Ariana Huffington, that brought it up.