“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – or yourself from the candidate of an election campaign. When I first tried to enter a Barack Obama campaign event in the pavilion of Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I almost ended up at the entrance because of one single apple. A nice looking one, not at all dangerous at first sight (and my survival ration after a day of driving and solely eating pretzels again).

This apple was in my bag which was inspected closely by a female F.B.I agent. When she found the apple she said: “I am not supposed to let you take fruit in here.” I also hadn’t thought I was actually supposed to take fruit in. I had just thought it wouldn’t be a problem. But it was one of the bigger ones. The apple was supposed to stay out. So was I.

I started to bargain with the woman trying to tell how important this apple was to me and that I would swear not to throw it at Barack Obama nor do anything else endangering other people (which was not difficult to promise because I am such a bad pitcher that I wouldn’t have hit the candidate while standing right in front of him). She had no mercy (women are often much more merciless than men by the way). Finally she agreed upon me leaving the apple under the table of her search activity. It was an agreement filled with disgust and impatience on her side.

After Obama had spoken and the event was over I passed the entrance again and saw my apple was still under the table. I wanted to take it but the agent first refused. I already regret not to have put a name tag on the apple before leaving it under the table when she got distracted by searching my bag for the second time. It was on the table and so she thought somebody wanted to take it into the pavilion instead of taking it out. In this moment I rescued the apple. At the same time the agent found a very small nail file in my bag she had overlooked before. I expected something very serious to happen now. But the woman just put it back into my bag. I COULD HAVE TAKEN THE NAIL FILE IN while having been forced to leave the apple!

This is just a little proof that some prejudices are just true: Women don’t care about food. But they are full of understanding when it comes to cosmetics and nail care.