Do politicians and journalists need to convince by dancing? Presumably not. Nevertheless: there must be something behind comparing the two. That is at least what we can deduce from watching the Ellen DeGeneres show these days.

Every guest at “Ellen” has to dare a few dancing steps while entering the studio. That’s fun most of the times for the people watching. And often it’s fun for Ellen, too. It might have been different when TV host and journalist Chris Matthews from MSNBC („Hardball”) came to participate in her show last week. Not just that it was a pain for everybody’s eyes to see him stumble awkwardly into the studio. He then grabbed Ellen, threw her around and finally tossed her away after having realized that there was no way of transfering these epileptic moves into a ballroom dance.

What a difference did Barack Obama make! He entered the studio by some elegant moves on the stairs as if he had ever done nothing else but dancing. It is just a pleasure watching him with a feeling for his body and the right moves to make. A colleague from Germany immediately fell in love with him after she had seen the video. And for Ellen it was apparently fun, too.

So there are different ways of making the right moves in journalism and politics and dancing might be one of them. In this case it is almost impossible to juxtapose the two. It would appear like a comparison of a bad workout and a piece of performing art.

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  1. #1 ali
    März 31, 2008

    Have you ever read the article in the New Yorker on Cesar Millan (the ‘Dog Whisperer’)? The article is unfortunately not online (I have it in case you are interested) but the Q&A are. In the article Millan’s body language is analysed by a dancer as if he would be dancing. Fascinating stuff.

    P.S.: [waving from Geneva] Willkommen. Welcome. I am looking forward reading your blog.