Von der NASA-Sonde EPOXI im Mai 2008 aufgenommene Bilder zeigen den Lauf des Mondes um die Erde aus 50 Millionen Kilometern Entfernung in noch nie dargewesener Qualität.

Ohne Worte:

Absolut atemberaubend. Astro-Blogger Phil Plait (BadAstronomy.com) kommentiert:

Take a look at that, folks. It’s us, seen from 50 million kilometers away. I’ve seen many images of the Earth and Moon together as taken by distant spacecraft, but this, seeing them in motion, really brings home — if I may use that highly ironic term — just where we are: a planetary system, an astronomical body, a blue orb hanging in space orbited by a desolate moon. This is a view that is literally impossible from the ground. Only a spacefaring race gets the privilege of this view from a height.

Eine Erklärung für die ungewohnten Farben liefert uns FoxNews:

The colors are not exactly what we’re used to seeing in images of the Earth and Moon — for example, the Moon is more brown than white. That’s because the photos were taken using the near-infrared part of the light spectrum, which “sees” vegetation more easily, then shifted “up” to visible light.

Da kann ich nur sagen: Dank an NASA und Don Lindler für diese großartige Bildfolge.