Yesterday I published an Update to “Beluga whale with harness in northern Norway” – here is the demanded English version:

There is some more information about the White Whale-mystery:

The origin of the harness is checked:
This Russian company for Outdoor-equipment
had a former webpage
Logo and labeling of the harness` buckle are the identical.

Thanks to @ajki, @Manni66 ,@Huhnbeauftragter, @JW for the links!


Additionally, fishery inspector Jorgen Wiig sent me an Update:

The Beluga followed some ships to Hammerfest and is now lingering in the harbour. Ein freundlich grinsender Beluga ist ganz bestimmt ein Traum (Photos s. u.)
“The whale was outside our ship this morning! It’s amazing! It followed a sailboat all the way to Hammerfest apparently and it was the first thing I saw when I looked out the window this morning! I thought I was dreaming.” Jorgen Wiig wrote me enthusiastic  (PN, 02.05.2019).

A friendly grinning beluga whale in the morning must be a dream, definitely!
Thanks, Jorgen for the Update and Your Permit for these wonderful photos! (Photos s. u.)

Not resolved is the question, who strapped the harness on the whale and from where the tame and trained whale stems. I cannot imagine, that anybody can strap anything on a not trained whale.
A Russian facility would have been definitely nearer than a US-american.


Photos: Jorgen Ree Wiig, Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries