Craig Bauer, mathematics professor and crypto history expert, lets his students solve old ciphertexts as homework. Here are three especially interesting cryptograms Craig’s students have to break.

The fifth episode of HISTORY’s Zodiac Killer documentary revealed an alleged solution of the infamous Z340 cryptogram. Does it make sense?

Four episodes of the Zodiac Killer documentary on HISTORY have aired now. The fourth one ended with Craig Bauer saying that he has broken Z340. Will episode 5 tell us the solution?

US mathematics professor Craig Bauer has published a great book about unsolved cryptograms. Most of these crypto mysteries have been covered on this blog before.

Und wieder hat sich einiges angesammelt: 1.000 Euro für das Knacken eines Codes, ein interessanter SPIEGEL-Artikel, ein empfehlenswertes Buch und ein Musikvideo mit kryptologischer Sangeskunst.