Der Brite Floe Foxon hat in einem Cryptologia-Artikel eine detaillierte Analyse des Rilke-Kryptogramms veröffentlicht.

Bei der HistoCrypt gab es einen Vortrag über das verschlüsselte Buch “The Subtlety of Witches”. Die Referentinnen Kat Mueller und Rian Hagebeuk konnten so manches Rätsel um dieses Werk lösen. Dennoch gibt es noch offene Fragen.

In a Russian online forum, an encrypted book with similarities to the Voynich Manuscript is being discussed. This tome would be a sensational find if it was genuine – but it’s probably not.

Erich Pieper from Hamburg, Germany wrote an encrypted diary from 1928-1931. Can a reader decipher this cryptogram?

The encrypted diary of prisoner of war Donald Hill is unique. Hill not only encrypted his entries but also disguised them as a collection of mathematical tables. In a self-experiment, I tried to encrypt and hide a text like he did.

In a little known book I found a story about encrypted notes from 1905, including a diary. Can my readers support me with finding out more about these documents and decrypting two paragraphs?

Ernest Rinzi was a 19th century jeweler, goldsmith and miniaturist. He left behind an encrypted journal that is still unsolved. My first impression is that this journal is the most notable unsolved encrypted book after the Voynich Manuscript and the Rohonc Codex.

The Blitz Ciphers are an encrypted book allegedly found in London just after World War II. Only eight page scans have been published. Some of my readers consider the Blitz Ciphers a fake.

On a Russian website a handwritten notebook from the Soviet era is described. Its content is encrypted. Can a reader solve this unusual cryptogram?

An unknown Freemason author once published a book, the content of which is given as a picture word puzzle (rebus). The solution is not known to me.