Die GCHQ hat ein kryptologisches Weihnachtsrätsel veröffentlicht. Kann ein Leser es lösen?

The German punk-rock band “Die Ärzte” has announced a new album. The song titles are currently published in an encrypted way.

Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure attracted puzzle fans from all over the world. Now, three months after the end of the hunt, Fenn has passed away.

A cryptogram found in the computer game “Call of Duty Zombies” has baffled codebreakers for four years. Can a reader finally solve this challenge?

After releasing a new car model named Kryptos, Rolls-Royce now have launched an online game involving crypto puzzles.

In the 1950s, a US company published weekly newspaper advertisements that included crypto puzzles. Here are three of these.

For the first time in over ten years, the FBI has published a challenge cipher. Can you solve it?

Konstantin Hamidullin from Latvia has solved my Playfair challenge from November 2019. With only 26 letters, this is the shortest Playfair cryptogram ever broken.

A children’s book from the 1980s contains numerous encrypted and hidden messages. Can a reader solve four of these?

After the First World War, Italian engineer Luigi Nicoletti invented a transposition cipher tool. Can you break a ciphertext I created with this device?