After releasing a new car model named Kryptos, Rolls-Royce now have launched an online game involving crypto puzzles.

Four weeks ago, I blogged about a nice marketing stunt performed by luxury car producer Rolls-Royce. A recent variant of the Rolls-Royce model Wraith is named Kryptos, and it features a number of encrypted and hidden messages placed throughout the vehicle.

To my regret, nothing new has been published about the Wraith Kryptos itself since my blog post. Most of all, nothing appears to be known about the crypto challenges Rolls-Royce drivers face when boarding their car.


The online game

However, Rolls-Royce have now started an online game featuring crypto puzzles. Though these challenges are different from the ones in the car, the game is a part of the Wraith Kryptos marketing campaign. So, if you don’t have the money to buy a Rolls-Royce, you still can solve puzzles created by the makers of these luxury vehicles.

The starting page of the Rolls-Royce crypto game can be accesssed here. Registration is not necessary for entering the game. Here’s what you see first:

Source: Rolls-Royce

To proceed you need to scan the QR code with your smart phone. This will bring you to a page that asks you: “Can you crack the code?” If you click yes, it says:

Now entering the Kryptos Enigma.
Ahead of you lies a cryptographic challenge of epic proportions.
As you advance through the levels, the tasks will increase in difficulty.

After this introduction, you will see the following:

Source: Rolls-Royce

I have no idea what kind of reward will be granted to the solvers, but I’m afraid it’s not a Rolls-Royce.

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A fantastic resource, full of great stories of the deduction, intuition, and perseverance involved in codebreaking, along with the tales of how codebreakers have used their tools to attack seemingly unbreakable ciphers.

Wes Dafler, American Cryptogram Association (DARING FLAIR)


Levels 1 and 2

Next, you enter level 1, titled The Labyrinth. To solve this challenge, you need to steer a ball through a maze on your smart phone. This is not very difficult. As soon as you have mastered the first labyrinth, a second (and larger) one appears, which is not particularly challenging, either.

Source: Rolls-Royce

After the second maze, the first level is completed. Now you need to register. Apart from providing your name and your email address, you need to tell whether you are an existing Rolls-Royce owner, a perspective Rolls-Royce owner or a Rolls-Royce enthusiast. I had to say no in all three cases.

Source: Rolls-Royce

In level 2, they ask you four questions. While the first two are very simple, the third one appears to be more tricky. Your task is to decipher the following message:


It’s definitely not a Caesar cipher, and I couldn’t find a simple substitution (MASC) that makes sense. The cryptogram solver on finds many matches, but none looks convincing. WRAITH KRYPTOS is a potential plaintext, as it consists of 13 letters, just like the ciphertext. Perhaps, a Vigenère cipher was used.

Finally, I decided to give up at this stage and leave it to my readers to further explore this game.

I you can get further than the second level of this game, please let us know.

Further reading: The Top 50 unsolved encrypted messages: 36. The Fair Game code


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Kommentare (13)

  1. #1 Nils
    10. August 2020

    Thirteen letter text… thats even too short for a unique solution of a simple MASC cipher…

    “decode” it …

    When non-crypto people make crypto riddles… sigh…

  2. #2 Breaker
    10. August 2020

    Since I am very happy to announce the solves of the first two levels I will update you here and on twitter

    The Level Two puzzle begins with a question about how the Egyptian Hieroglyphs were created

    Answer – Rosetta Stone

    Then the questions move to decoding a Roman Numeral – pretty basic direct translation of MMXIV

    Then onto the ciphertext that Klaus showed – Hint at the bottom of the page on a small tab says – Going Forward Requires Going Backwards – and uses an Atbash alphabet and simple letter substitution applied brings the answer – Steering Wheel

    Final question in the Level 2 is the Braille Code for – Alan Turing

    When getting to Level 3 there is a strange font that is used to conceal letters and numbers for a Base64 Code

    The data in the Pic shows the first words in text are – .png, Base64 -, plus a VERY long strand that gets confusing as hell, as this text in it’s entirety produces jarbled wingdings and other symbols in the results

    There is another option which requires the separation of the text in the pic using the creative font styling to mask a ciphertext when read in a specific sequence, but I am basically just leaving it here to see what other results can be found. The text seems to host a top line and bottom line using capitalized letters and the infusion of lower case letters in their spaces between

    Believe it or not there is not much popularity from the game for some reason and I cannot find any online discussions of anyone trying the game at all? Reddit was the only place and that had maybe a few posts about it and not one person speaking about a code specifically so this game seems to be as elusive as the puzzle at Langley

    Maybe their marketing team goofed when modeling it on a CIA puzzle of a clandestine nature? Even though they only talk about 4 Levels of the puzzle they directly used the name from Sanborn’s puzzle, and a disclaimer was even added to say it has nothing to do with continuing the CIA challenge, or anything to do with inspiring it.

    They made 50 cars only, and each with it’s own personal cipher embedded in the design of the car….which is kinda cool, but with the cost being so obviously upsold with the decor I find it not very likely that there was going to be many buyers

    The game was created by a marketing rep that claimed they were interested in Cryptography and someone using a sneak teaser pic of a product that is part of the car also came onto a page about Kryptos to try to test the audience there about their new strategy ahead of time, to see how difficult the text that they were using could be to the average person, and this feeler post was used to test the cipher, in case it was too easy. I am sure some on the Kryptos FB page remember it and it is archived with Mark Brady as admin if you want the photos there….see him for more info.

  3. #3 ShadowWolf
    The "Labrinth"
    11. August 2020

    That isn’t even original. It is a copy of an old plastic toy that either had a drop of mercury or a small ball bearing rolling around inside. I’m not even sure if they still make them.

    The least they could have done was come up with something original.

  4. #4 tk8
    11. August 2020

    Vigenère loves squares. Alberti admires?

    I mean its about the shape? And while the second one can be described as round, circle or disk, nothing seems to be correct.
    Has anyone a tip? Its 4-1.

  5. #5 Marc
    11. August 2020

    The second part is encrypted with Atbasch, it says STEERING WHEEL

  6. #6 Alec
    16. August 2020

    Vigenère loves squares. Alberti admires?
    Answer is : “discs”

  7. #7 tk8
    17. August 2020

    I got it already and solved the last question today. That was a lot of fun :D. I could swear that I tried discs before as it was on my list of tested words. But it seems I did test disks but not discs. Stupid me. Thank you anyway for your answer ^^.

  8. #8 Klaus Schmeh
    17. August 2020

    PedalPowerWorkBikes via Twitter:
    Level 1 – Two labyrinth puzzles, with timed rotating display
    Level 2 – Question about Hieroglyphs – Rosetta Stone, Roman Numerals – MMXIV, Atbash Ciphertext- Steering Wheel, Braille Code – Alan Turing
    Level 3 – Strange font and embedded Base 64 Code in pic data – illegible

  9. #9 Klaus Schmeh
    17. August 2020

    PedalPowerWorkBikes via Twitter:
    The Level 3 moves into the ciphertext embedded in a pic data file. The text is a massive strand and needs some kind of crop or edit to produce a resulting plaintext as the others have shown perfect breaks, with no nulls.

    The font is said to conceal a code/message, but?

  10. #10 Klaus Schmeh
    17. August 2020

    Susheel Rao via Twitter:
    I am at the final level of the kryptos enigma challenge

  11. #11 tk8
    18. August 2020

    “The winners of the prize draw each receive a personalised RRMC Wraith Kryptos treadplate (personalised with first and surname) within 45 days (pending international shipping constraints) via post.”

    10 people will be choosen after the challange ends on 23.09.2020

    I want more of these challanges 😀

  12. #12 Stefan
    15. November 2020

    Any tip for 4-4?

    The given problem is exclusive. Or is it?

    Thank you!

    @Klaus Schmeh thank you for the great work in this field!

  13. #13 Stefan
    15. November 2020

    solved helps to post somewhere just to have a refreshment ^^
    for others who are searching for the same solution ..xor’ the last bit out 🙂

    Also, I was unaware of the whispers of Rolls-Royce’s motor cars played any role in history!