Endlich gibt es wieder eine HistoCrypt. Schon die ersten beiden Tage waren einen Besuch wert.

Nächstes Jahr soll es endlich wieder eine richtige HistoCrypt geben. Der Call for Papers läuft.

Momentan gibt es so viele interessante Videos, Vorträge und Bücher, dass ich einen ganzen Blog-Artikel damit füllen kann.

The HistoCrypt 2021 is scheduled for September 20-22 in Amsterdam. The Call for Papers is running until February 21. Let’s hope that the Covid-19 situation has improved by then.

Here’s a selection of news related to cryptology and its history.

At the RSA 2020 I gave a talk about post quantum cryptography. It’s now available on YouTube.

CrypTool is the world’s leading crypto e-learning software. Currently, the 20th anniversary of this outstanding tool is celebrated in Munich. Among the guests are some renowned codebreakers.

Last week, the biannual NSA Symposium on Cryptologic History took place in Laurel, Maryland. Here are a few pictures from this outstanding event.

At the hacker conference 44CON 2019, wich took place in September in London, I gave a talk about Cold War cryptography. Here’s a professionally produced video of it.

Here’s my report from HistoCrypt 2019, which took place from June 23-26 in Mons, Belgium. It was an outstanding event.