Crypto history expert Frode Weierud has provided me a number of unsolved German cipher messages from the Second World War. Can a reader break them?

The Enigma documentary I introduced on this blog last year is now available in German and Spanish. Any feedback from readers of this blog is welcome.

Jim Sanborn, the creator of the famous Kryptos sculpture, said his third clue would be the last one. But now he has published another word that appears in the plaintext: EAST.

“The Imitation Game”, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, is one of the most popular movies that features cryptography. Unfortunately, it contains many historical errors.

The Cylob Cryptogram is a little-known, but fascinating crypto mystery. Here are a few new thoughts on it.

Blog reader Declan Gilligan from Dublin has provided me a long list of facts about Irish crypto history. I used some of these to extend my Cryptologic Travel Guide.

An anonymous note published on Reddit contains a number of digits and a reference to a Beatles album. Is there a message hidden in this text?

After releasing a new car model named Kryptos, Rolls-Royce now have launched an online game involving crypto puzzles.

In a 1984 video clip by British Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden, several messages consisting of strange symbols can be seen. Can they be decrypted?

A museum in Polotsk, Belarus, is struggling with an encrypted postcard. Can a reader help?