The Enigma documentary I introduced on this blog last year is now available in German and Spanish. Any feedback from readers of this blog is welcome.

Let me first mention that my friend and fellow crypto enthusiast Nils Kopal …

Source: Kopal

… is currently hosting a crypto challenge contest on his YouTube channel. Here’s the third puzzle you can try your luck on:

Successful solvers have the chance to win a copy of Helen Fouché Gaines’ book Cryptanalysis. Future editions of this contest might feature a specimen my next book Codebreaking: A Practical Guide as award.

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Coming December 2020 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

Cryptography? Ciphers? I thought this would be an easy book to put down. I was very wrong.
Steve Meretzky, co-author with Douglas Adams of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy computer game


Marek Grajek, …

Source: Grajek

… another crypto enthusiast and friend of mine, was involved in the production of a video, too. This one is a documentary about the breaking of the Enigma, titled Enigma. We have got news. It introduces new facts about the Enigma cryptanalysis in WW2 based on files disclosed by the French intelligence in 2016.

I saw this film for the first time when I visited Marek in Warsaw, Poland, in fall last year. I was quite impressed about how professionally the documentary was produced. I introduced the it on this blog in December.

The content mainly consists of interviews with Marek, Dermot Turing (the nephew of Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing), and French crypto professor Philippe Guillot. All three speak in their mother language. For those who don’t understand English, Polish or French, the interviews are subtitled.

Meanwhile, the film is available on a website, with subtitles in several languages. It can be distributed, displayed and performed in its genuine form (CC BY-ND).

Source: Enigma. We have got news

According to Marek, the versions with German and Spanish subtitles are the latest that have been produced. Marek wrote me: “I think the the film should be reviewed not only by the native speakers (which has already been done), but also by people knowing the subject. Maybe the readers of your blog could help? Any help will be appreciated.”

So, if you speak German or Spanish and/or you’re knowledgeable with respect to the Enigma, please watch Enigma. We have got news and provide your feedback in the comment section. If you don’t find anything that could be improved, just enjoy the film.

Further reading: Prince Edward opens new exhibition at Bletchley Park


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Kommentare (4)

  1. #1 Michael BGNC
    Lake Constance
    30. August 2020

    I’ve watched the film twice. As far as I can tell, the German subtitles are very good. I don’t understand Polish or French, but the subtitles read fluently and are coherent. I propose the following improvements:

    04:46 “… der drei kooperierenden Staaten ausreichend gut (v)erständigen konnten…” –> missing “v”

    16:08 Jeden Tag galt eine andere Anordnung der Konstruktionselemente der Maschine und eine andere (Walzenstellung) -> should be “Walzenlage”

    In German “Walzenlage” (rotor order) indicates the arrangement of the rotors inside the machine. “Walzenstellung” means rotor position. This is what you can see inside the little window. This setting was changed every time a radio transmission was made.

    19:35 Es war ihnen auch gelungen, sowjetische Sprechschlüssel (zu) brechen. –> missing “zu”

    Great documentation, really enjoyed watching it.

    Michael BGNC

  2. #2 Michael BGNC
    Lake Constance
    30. August 2020

    19:35 Of course “Sprechschlüssel” should read “Spruchschlüssel” …

  3. #3 Gerry
    30. August 2020

    Great documentation – I hope that the Pyry documents will be found very soon!

    Here is my subtitle feedback:
    @3:23 des polnischen Aufklärungsdienstes (with an “ä” instead of “ae”)
    @10:50: dass Sie ihr (lowercase) vertrauen können
    @10:59: ihre (lowercase) Meinung
    @12:24 das (only one “s”) man diesen anbieten kann
    @13:28 und die polnischen (additional “n”) Kryptoanalytiker
    @13:34 Chateau de Vignolles, (comma missing) und Bletchley Park (remove comma here)
    @14:23 die Polen sollten (instead of “sollen”)
    @15:23 die Maschine folglich (a “k” too much)
    @16:33 von Nachrichten zunutze (instead of “zu Nutzen”)
    @18:41 deutlich weiter entwickelt (with a space in between)
    @19:26 dass ihnen (lowercase) praktisch
    @20:14 für das polnische Modell des Nachbaus der Enigma-Maschine (the whole line is a duplicate of @20:06)
    @20:52 Gustave (not Gustaw)
    @21:52 des 2. Weltkriegs (with an “s”)

  4. #4 Marek Grajek
    31. August 2020

    Many thanks to all the reviewers, you comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you for making this movie better.