Scotish poet Thomas Urquhart (1611-1660) left behind two encrypted poems. They have never been deciphered.

On Reddit an encrypted postcard from 1909 was published. Can you decipher it?

Kate Ebutt from England has found an encrypted bottle post in the river Don in Sheffield. Can a reader solve it?

In a scene of the TV series Twin Peaks a flickering air plane window seems to hide some code. Can a reader solve it?

In the end credits of the movie Fair Game (2010) some letters are marked. Blog reader Rossignol has now provided me screenshots that are very helpful for studying this code.

The Peralta Stones are a set of engraved stones. Some people believe they indicate the location of a lost gold mine.

A crypto book published in 1939 contains an excercise cryptogram. Many have tried to solve it, but the solution is still unknown.

British private detective Ignatius Pollaky (1828-1918) published a number of encrypted newspaper ads. Some of them have never been solved.

Bruno Borges, a Brazilian student who has mysteriously vanished from his home, left behind numerous encrypted notes. Now a Brazilian newspaper reports on new activities in this case.

Crypto history expert Prof. Gerhard Strasser once wanted to test if a musical cryptogram from the 17th century really sounded like music. Here’s the result.