In a scene of the TV series Twin Peaks a flickering air plane window seems to hide some code. Can a reader solve it?

Hiding a code in a movie or TV series to create publicity is not necessarily a new idea. Here are a few examples (does a reader know more?):

Alex Vladi, a reader of this blog has now posted a comment about another TV code in the Facebook group Cryptograms & Classical Ciphers. In the newest Episode of Twin Peaks (season 3) there was a short scene showing an airplane in flight with the windows flickering with special patterns. Here’s the scene on YouTube (close-up and slow motion):

For more information check this article on a Twin Peaks blog. As pointed out in this article, there is a small black spot on the tail of the plane that is flickering, too. This might represent another hidden code or add to the first one.

If this Twin Peaks code really exists, it it an example of steganography. Many more codes of this kind are described in my new book Versteckte Botschaften (2nd edition), which is going to be published soon.

In the comment section of the article linked above a number of hypotheses about the Twin Peaks code are presented. Here are the most interesting ones:

  • As there are six windows, the message might be in a six bit code.
  • The flickering might indicate finger positions on a flute or a similar musical instrument.
  • The mountain in the background might be Mt. Rainier or Mt. Shasta in California.
  • In this episode Twin Peaks character Gordon Cole whistles a tune from the movie Amarcord. A part of this tune appears in the Rammstein song “Engel”. This might be of relevance for the code.

If you have a clue on how to solve this code, please let me know.

Further reading: Tengri 137: Who can solve this encrypted book?


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Kommentare (7)

  1. #1 ICYHOT
    25. Juni 2017

    Thanks for giving this a mention here.

    There is also a lively reddit discussion here:

  2. #2 Hias
    25. Juni 2017

    Hier eine weitere “versteckte Botschaft” in einem Disney Film:

  3. #3 ICYHOT
    26. Juni 2017

    Might be of help to mention that this data:
    is being presented to the main character in an earlier episode, supposedly an extract of radio data recordings of some unknown source.

  4. #4 Klaus Schmeh
    26. Juni 2017

    @Hias: Danke, kannte ich noch nicht.

  5. #5 Klaus Schmeh
    26. Juni 2017

    @ICYHOT: Thanks for the hint. Might be a another code or related to this one.

  6. #6 RobertWK
    11. Juli 2017

    Maybe it’s base 6 or base 7, counting from 0 to 25 and giving a letter for each value?

    It could be that simple?

  7. #7 ICYHOT
    20. Juli 2017

    Hello again,

    there seems to be even more to this because a very observant individual realised that there is another hidden code. This one is hidden in the end credits of two episodes and it seems it also contains 7 characters or digits.
    More details can be found here: