Nathan Allen from Maryland died from a bomb that exploded in his car. The murderer was found with the help of a steganographic technique.

Only little is publicly known about the encryption systems used by the German terrorist organisation, RAF. A recent TV documentary that shows a number of encrypted RAF messages along with a key provides at least some basic information.

A postcard from 1903 is encrypted in a dancing men code, like it is described in a famous Sherlock Holmes story. Can a reader decipher it?

A Reddit user has posted photos of an unusual machine, the purpose of which is unknown. Some say it might be an encryption machine. Can a reader tell more about it?

A fifth encrypted bottle post has been found in the river Alster in Hamburg. Still, nobody seems to have a clue what these strange messages mean.

Two important events took place in the London area yesterday: the royal wedding and the “History of Cryptography and Codes” conference (including a presentation given by me). Hundreds of thousands of people came to see these two spectacles.

Here’s a postcard written in English that contains two kinds of encryption. Can a reader decipher this two-part cryptogram?

18-year-old chemistry student Paul Rubin was found dead with a cyanide poisoning in 1953. In his possession police found an encrypted message. This cryptogram has never been deciphered.

LC4 is a cipher that can be computed by hand. According to its creator, it is both secure and easy to use. Is LC4 better than other low-tech ciphers I have introduced on this blog?

Here’s another crypto postcard. As the encrypted part of the message has only 17 letters, it is probably hard to decipher.