Wie ist der Text im Voynich-Manuskript entstanden? Der Dresdner Informatiker Torsten Timm hat bereits vor Jahren eine Erklärung entwickelt, die ich für sehr interessant halte – auch wenn viele davon enttäuscht sein dürften.

German egyptologist Rainer Hannig recently claimed to have solved the Voynich manuscript. Israeli crypto expert Moshe Rubin is skeptical.

A German egyptologist claims to have deciphered the Voynich Manuscript. Does this solution make more sense than the dozens that have been published before.

The Voynich Manuscript is the most famous unsolved crypto mystery in the world. For this reason, I put it at the first position of my top 50 list.

A British scientist has discovered four paper sheets that were originally a part of the Voynich Manuscript. This exciting find might finally lead to a reliable dating of the mysterious book.

The Voynich manuscript was covered in the latest episode of the German documentary TV series “Terra X”.

René Zandbergen is in my view the world’s leading Voynich manuscript expert. A talk he gave at HistoCrypt 2019 and his website provide interesting pieces of information.

A recently published paper introducing an alleged solution of the Voynich manuscript has received many critical comments. The negative feedback has caused the university the paper author works for to retract a press release .

A Polish publishing house has launched a new Voynich manuscript facsimile. Another Voynich replica – much smaller in size – is available as a doll house accessory.

Several Voynich Manuscript experts have published statements about the alleged Voynich Manuscript solution by Kondrak and Hauer. Here’s a summary.