An encrypted message from the Secret Archives of the Vatican has now been published on MysteryTwister C3. Can a reader solve it?

The latest issue of the ACA newsletter “The Cryptogram” introduces an encrypted postcard. The cipher used is unusual. Can you solve it anyway?

Here’s my report from HistoCrypt 2019, which took place from June 23-26 in Mons, Belgium. It was an outstanding event.

Some song lyrics provided by Google’s lyrics platform contain the hidden message RED HANDED. It was encoded by competitor Genius in order to prove that Google is copying from them.

Camino de Santiago hiker Jens Grabarske has made me aware of an encrypted inscription in northern Spain. Can reader decipher it?

In 1913 a man sent an encrypted postcard from Jena, Germany, to his lover in the Hamburg area. Can a reader decipher this cryptogram?

A Canadian company hides treasures that can be found by solving puzzles. The first round of the hunt is over, a second one has been announced.

The seat covers of EasyJet airplanes bear symbols that look like a pigpen cipher. Do they encode a secret message?

French crypto history expert Jean-François Bouchaudy has found something very rare: three original messages encrypted with an M-209 cipher machine. One of these is still unsolved.

A new YouTube video shows two presentations given by Bernard Fabrot and Simon Pfeffers about how they solved LCS35. Another video shows the opening of the time capsule at the same event.