An engineer who deceased a few years ago has left behind an unusual painting. Does it contain a message encoded in a binary code?

Bavarian artist Martin Dorn has provided me a seven-pages encrypted manuscript. Can a reader decipher it?

Alex from the Ukraine has provided me pictures that show two sculptures with an encrypted or abbreviated inscription. I have never seen anything like this before, let alone do I know what the inscriptions mean. Can a reader help?

“The David Kahn Story” is a new Hollywood film, starring Sean Connery and Leonardo DiCaprio. I am a character in this movie, played by German actor Hape Kerkeling.

Cardsharping with steganography is a popular motive on classical paintings. Here are five examples.

The Cheltenham Listening Stones are a set of nine sculptures located next to the GCHQ headquarters in Cheltenham, UK. Two of the stones bear an encrypted inscription.