Auf der NKRYPT-Skulptur in Canberra befindet sich neben zahlreichen anderen Krypto-Rätseln ein Kryptogramm, das aus Zahnrad-Segmenten zusammengesetzt ist. Es ist bisher ungelöst.

Der Künstler Guy de Cointet (1934–1983) hat in seinen Werken zahlreiche verschlüsselte Botschaften verarbeitet. Viele davon sind noch ungelöst.

For years, my readers and I have been wondering what’s behind the Cylob cryptogram, a printed booklet that contains strange symbols. Now I have learned about a similar work. The author of it is known.

NKRYPT, located in Canberra Australia, is a set of eight sculptures that bear encrypted inscriptions. Today, I’m going to introduce one of these: the PVL cryptogram.

British artist Ben Gentilli has created a series of 40 paintings that jointly include the 12.3 million-digit founding code of Bitcoin.

Charles Dellschau (1830-1923), a US outsider artist, left behind fascinating paintings and numerous ciphertexts. Can my readers help me to decrypt these?

An engineer who deceased a few years ago has left behind an unusual painting. Does it contain a message encoded in a binary code?

Bavarian artist Martin Dorn has provided me a seven-pages encrypted manuscript. Can a reader decipher it?

Alex from the Ukraine has provided me pictures that show two sculptures with an encrypted or abbreviated inscription. I have never seen anything like this before, let alone do I know what the inscriptions mean. Can a reader help?

“The David Kahn Story” is a new Hollywood film, starring Sean Connery and Leonardo DiCaprio. I am a character in this movie, played by German actor Hape Kerkeling.