Auf eBay wird derzeit ein Chiffrierzylinder mit deutscher Beschriftung angeboten. Kann ein Leser etwas zu diesem seltenen Gerät sagen?

Blog-Leser haben mich auf eine Medaille hingewiesen, auf der der Chiffriermaschinen-Fabrikant Boris Hagelin abgebildet ist. Zwei Exemplare davon sind bekannt. Weiß ein Leser etwas über den Hintergrund dieses Abzeichens?

Marie Vahjen (1880-?) from New York was one of the few women who filed a patent for an encryption device.

Crypto collector Ralph Simpson owns a small cipher device that consists of two metal disks. The origin and the purpose of this unusual tool are unknown. Suggestions from readers are welcome.

Crypto collector Glen Miranker has come across an interesting strip cipher device. He can’t find any information about it. Can a reader help?

Here’s a strange cipher device: the front-side is a medal depicting St. George fighting a dragon, the rear-side is a cipher disk. Does a reader know anything about the background of this item?

The Museum für Kommunikation in Frankfurt owns a cipher tool from the 19th century. Not much is known about it. Can a reader find out more?

US crypto collector Marc Sachs has shown me a Burst Encoder from the 1950s. A video explains how this cleverly designed device works.

British collector John Alexander has shown me a beautiful Spanish encryption device. Not much is known about its history. Can a reader find out more?

Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, has become especially popular since a musical was written about him. Hamilton left behind a 26×26 turning grille.