The German punk-rock band “Die Ärzte” has announced a new album. The song titles are currently published in an encrypted way.

I’m sure all German readers of this blog below 60 know the rock band Die Ärzte. Starting as a punk band in 1982, they soon changed from revolution to institution and became one of the most successful German music acts. Their  hits include “Westerland”, “Zu spät”, and “Junge”. Here’s a nice version of “Manchmal haben Frauen”, another one of their signature songs:

Eight years after their last studio production, Die Ärzte have now announced a new album. Titled “Hell”, this work containing 18 new songs will be published on October 23, 2020.

Much to the delight of crypto enthusiasts, Die Ärzte are currently advertising their new production with a series of encryption puzzles. This oncept isn’t new. Among the products that were launched with accompanying crypto challenges over the last years are a Rolls-Royce model, a Batman movie, a TV show, and a techno song – just to name a few.

In the case of Die Ärzte, the crypto puzzles refer to the song titles of their upcoming album, which have been kept secret so far. On the band’s website, a new title is revealed every day, like in an advent calendar, yet in an encrypted way.

Source: Die Ärzte website

As of writing these lines, the first two song titles have shown up:


50 4C 41 4E 20 42

Can a reader decipher these?

Over the next weeks, Die Ärzte will publish 16 more encrypted song titles in the same way. I’m sure my readers will be able to solve some of these cryptograms.

Further reading: An encrypted letter found in an old stamp album


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Kommentare (30)

  1. #2 Nils Kopal
    Krefeld & University of Siegen
    20. September 2020

    Hiho Klaus,
    thats Base64 encoding. If you decode it (I used CrypTool 2) you get


    Which obviously is an abbreveation 🙂


  2. #3 Stefan
    20. September 2020

    RS5WLkouTS5GLg== E.V.J.M.F.

    Base 64 codiert.

    50 4C 41 4E 20 42
    P L A N B

    Ascii in Hex codiert.

  3. #4 Nils Kopal
    Krefeld & University of Siegen
    20. September 2020

    The second one is hex. Decoded it reads

    “PLAN B”

  4. #5 Matthew Brown
    20. September 2020

    The second one is hexadecimal and gives “PLAN B”.

  5. #6 Gerry
    20. September 2020

    The third one reads “BDIUVOH: CJFMFGFME”, a ROT-1 giving “ACHTUNG: BIELEFELD”.

  6. #7 Richard Bean
    21. September 2020

    Track 4

    Watpo yupela no toktok long pilaim gita man

    Tok Pisin, close enough to English …

    Why don’t you talk about playing guitar man?

  7. #8 Klaus Schmeh
    21. September 2020

    Gert Brantner via Facebook:
    They always have been fun

  8. #9 Richard Bean
    22. September 2020

    Track 5 is just


    The track title has been posted on Twitter, but I can’t see the connection. Perhaps it’s just Samoan, as Google Translate thought.

  9. #10 deed
    22. September 2020

    In the already released playlist of the upcoming album the 5th track is MORGENS PAUKEN (the already released single).
    But po’o’lov could be uigurian:'o'lov

  10. #11 Resu
    23. September 2020

    po’o’lav is klingon:
    po = morning
    ‘o’lav = type of drum

    The 6th track “YA MÉTIMA LINDE EN LAIRE” is elvish and means “The Last Song of Summer”

  11. #12 Katu
    23. September 2020

    The title of track no. 5 “po’o’lav” is klingon:
    po = morning
    ‘o’lav = type of drum

    Track no. 6 “YA MÉTIMA LINDE EN LAIRE” is elvish and means “The Last Song of Summer”

  12. #13 Richard Bean
    24. September 2020

    Day 7


    reverse words

    Clown aus dem hospiz

    That was pretty straightforward

  13. #14 Richard Bean
    25. September 2020

    Day 8


    (with a picture of the water’s edge)

    There must be all sorts of languages where Wodakant / Woda Kant means water’s edge.

  14. #15 TWO
    25. September 2020


    The language is Dutch,

    It is a wordplay.

    Wodka is Russian and means strong water,

    So : Ik aan de waterkant which means Me on the water’s edge.

    Or if you drink it : Tink aan de Wodka

  15. #16 Richard Bean
    26. September 2020

    @TWO, makes sense. So does this wordplay only work in Dutch, German or Russian?

    Day 9
    True Romance

    A song title in English … announced some time ago

    How many of their song titles are in English?

    I thought “Quark” was Joycean, not German. Oh well, live and learn.

  16. #17 Richard Bean
    26. September 2020

    I think the filter killed my comment because I put two links in it.
    Day 9
    True Romance (English title, already announced on Twitter)
    There are only a few English song titles on the Wikipedia page for Die Ärzte.

  17. #18 TWO
    28. September 2020


    It is only Dutch.

    For the wordplay you need to know what Wodka or rather vodka means in Russian.

  18. #19 Richard Bean
    29. September 2020

    Track 11
    ASCII, including spaces

    Track 12
    An equation involving ho2ro2h, but I don’t know enough chemistry or songs to guess the answer 😀

  19. #20 TWO
    29. September 2020


    I think :


  20. #21 Richard Bean
    30. September 2020

    @TWO … Track 9 was “Einmal ein bier?” track 12 “Polyester”. (JustiBasti on twitter)

    Track 13 “FEXXO CIGOL” … second word LOGIC spelled backwards. Nothing immediately comes to mind. Some are more like a Rebus puzzle than crypto.

  21. #22 TWO
    1. Oktober 2020


    Thanks for the update.

    This is why the R in the equation did not make sense.

    Where are these puzzles published?

  22. #23 TWO
    1. Oktober 2020

    #14 Newton was right?


    A very complete songlist

  23. #24 TWO
    1. Oktober 2020

    #13 Das finde ich gut / I think that is right ?

  24. #25 Richard Bean
    1. Oktober 2020

    @two song titles are on the website calendar, just click the link. If the song has been released before then the list helps, otherwise not. My guess for track 13 was “Twisted Logic”. Since CIGOL is derived from English not German.

  25. #26 TWO
    1. Oktober 2020


    Twisted sound good, I did not find it on the list.

    Scratch that very complete part please.

    Anything with a Valentine it it?

  26. #27 TWO
    1. Oktober 2020

    #14 is published on Twitter

  27. #28 Richard Bean
    5. Oktober 2020

    Finished. Turned into more like Rebus puzzles by the end. I also thought of Iron Logic or Iron Oxide Logic for #13. Let’s wait to see what the answers were.

  28. #29 Klaus Schmeh
    5. Oktober 2020

    @TWO and Richard Beans: Thank you very much! I hope the music is as good as the puzzles.

  29. #30 Richard Bean
    7. Oktober 2020

    All track names up at

    Differences …

    Track 8 is “Ich, am Strand”
    Track 13 is just “Fexxo Cigol” (I’ll have a listen!)
    Track 16 is “Thor”
    Track 17 is “Leben vor dem Tod”
    Track 18 is “Woodburger”