Bruno Borges, a Brazilian student who has mysteriously vanished from his home, left behind several encrypted books. A publishing company has now published one of them. It has entered the Brazilian bestseller list.

A book I recently wrote about has entered the bestseller list. No, it’s not my own book Versteckte Botschaften (I hope this one will enter the bestseller lists, as soon as it is published next month) and it’s not Craig Bauer’s Unsolved!. Instead, it is a book written by Bruno Borges, a Brazilian student who has mysteriously vanished from his home.

It’s certainly a surpise that Borges’ book sells so well. I doubt that its content is terribly interesting and it was probably never meant for publication. On the other hand, cryptograms related to potential crimes are an extremely popular topic – especially when both the crime and the cryptogram are unsolved. For this reason, my blog posts about the Zodiac killer, the Debosnys murder, the Ricky McCormick case and a few others all rank among the most-read in the history of Klausis Krypto Kolumne.


The Bruno Borges case

Bruno Borges (the following picture is taken from Facebook), a 24 year old psychology student from Brazil, was known among his friends as an alien enthusiast. He was working on a mysterious project, asking several relatives for funding.


In early April this year Borges vanished from his family home. A bizarre video of the inside of his bedroom was leaked online. Apparently, Borges had turned his room into a shrine to the extraterrestrial world. He removed all the furniture and put up a statue of Renaissance polymath Giordano Bruno (1548-1600). Bruno Borges admired Giordano Bruno not only because of the common name “Bruno”, but also because he was one of the first to believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. For readers of this blog it is note-worthy that Girodano Bruno is one of the many Renaissance scholars that have been believed to be the author of the famous Voynich Manuscript.


14 encrypted books

What makes Borges’ vanishing interesting for this blog is the fact that he left behind 14 encrypted books (encrypted books have a long history, as can be seen on my encrypted book list) and that the walls in his room have been found covered with cipher writing.

Meanwhile, the cipher Borges used for the major part of his books and other encrypted notes is solved. It’s a simple substitution code (i. e., a monoalphabetic substitution cipher, also known as MASC). Here is the substitution table (taken from a page that automatically transfers Borges’ symbols into standard letters):


The cleartext of Borges’ writing is in Portuguese. Here are a few lines of it:

Caminho Difícil
Por milhares de anos o ser humano vem tentando encontrar respostas para perguntas como “qual o sentido da vida”? A filosofia que ao que tudo indica, parece ter se iniciado com Tales de Mileto em meados de 700 a.C. visa encontrar vestígios de perguntas sem respostas. A pesquisa profunda pela verdade absoluta advém da filosofia, e quando falamos a respeito de caminhos fáceis ou difíceis estamos nos referindo a esse tipo de teorema.

This paragraph translates into English as follows (thanks to Thomas for posting):

The Hard Way
For thousands of years the human being has been trying to find answers to questions like “what is the meaning of life”? The philosophy that seems to have begun with Tales of Miletus in the middle of 700 BC seems to find traces of unanswered questions. The deep search for absolute truth comes from philosophy, and when we talk about easy or difficult paths we are referring to this type of theorem.

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Kommentare (4)

  1. #1 Carmen
    5. August 2017

    All this has been a farce by Borges, two friends of his and his cousin. The police found evidence of a rather clumsy farce at his friends’ house (an agreement or contract signed by Borges for the selling of his 14 encrypted books and finally they would share the money).
    Just a way of advertising his books…
    Here you have the information in Spanish

    He hasn’t appeared yet but his disappearance is a part of this farce too.

  2. #2 FastGast
    9. August 2017

    Seems like the big Text is written in the same language as the VM. Marketingstrategie 1+. Think there are some “overlayed” encryptions in the VM. Each one leads to a different cleartext… Maybe there are fourteen.

    Greetings Sarah

  3. #3 FastGast
    9. August 2017

    Maybe the Autor oft the VM settet the ground for research about programmed cell death and the inversion of it…. The nymphs clear the cells… Lol naked housekeepers..

    Would Vladimir k laugh out lout ?