HistoCrypt 2018 in Sweden was a great event. Here are a video made by me and a number of photos provided by Paolo Bonavoglia.

55 attendees, 25 presentations, two workshops and lots of fun – this was HistoCrypt 2018. Again, I want to thank Beáta Megyesi and her team for organizing this great conference. I have heard several people saying that this was the best crypto history event they have attended so far.


A video

Here is a ten minutes video of the conference I made (including statements of Dermot Turing, Craig Bauer, Gerhard Strasser and others):

As I already mentioned in an earlier blog post, the participants decided that next year’s HistoCrypt will be made more attractive for non-academic people. Especially, the conference will feature a non-scientific track. Crypto machine collectors, crypto history book authors, journalists with an interest in crypto, Voynich Manuscript enthusiasts and other crypto aficionados are encouraged to hand in a presentation proposal. The application process for this track will be simple and the speakers will not be required to write a paper for the conference proceedings.

The location of HistoCrypt 2019 will be announced soon.


Paolo’s photos

Paolo Bonavoglia, who is not only a notable crypto history expert but also a great photographer, provided me a number of photos. Click on the following picture to see them (on an external site):


It goes without saying that I look forward to next year’s HistoCrypt edition.

Further reading: A great event: the European Historical Ciphers Colloquium 2017

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Kommentare (4)

  1. #1 Klaus Schmeh
    23. Juni 2018

    Nils Kopal via Facebook:
    Thanks Klaus for making the video, great 🙂 !

  2. #2 Jerry McCarthy
    England, Europa
    24. Juni 2018

    Tack så mycket för video:en!

  3. #3 Magnus Ekhall
    Linköping, Sweden
    24. Juni 2018

    Great video – thank you for sharing it!

  4. #4 Paolo Bonavoglia
    Venezia, Italy
    28. Juni 2018

    Thank you Klaus, I’m not such a great photographer after all; I forgot a few speakers and a few photos needed improvement; now I [almost] completed the job.