Earlier this week I gave an interview (in German) about Crypto AG and the RUBICON affair. It is now available online.

The RUBICON affair (also known as Cryptoleaks) has received considerable media coverage in recent days. My blog post about this story was the most popular in months.

Even before my post was published, radio journalist and blog reader Kai Laufen contacted me and asked me if I was available for an interview (in German). Of course, I was.

Kai works for Netzagent, a new podcast operated by the German TV and radio station SWR. I had never heard of Netzagent before, but it became immediately clear to me that it is an extremely interesting podcast. The topics covered are cybercrime, cyberwar, data protection and information security – this is exactly what I deal with in my professional work and on this blog.

After a short briefing on Tuesday, the interview took place yesterday. It was moderated by Kai’s co-worker Kirsten Tromnau. We talked on the telephone, while I recorded my part with my smartphone for better sound quality.

This afternoon I received a mail from Kirsten telling me that the interview is online now.

Click here to listen to it.

Source: Netzagent

I hope this was not the last interview I gave on Netzagent. There are many other interesting topics I could talk about.

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