My new whitepaper on post-quantum cryptography

Everything you need to know about post-quantum cryptography on 25 pages – that’s what you get in my free whitepaper “Post-Quantum Cryptography – Explained in an Understandable Way”.

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Today I would first like to point out a couple of publications by my blog readers:

The post-quantum whitepaper

Oh yes, I myself also published something new. More precisely, it was my employer Atos, on whose behalf I wrote a 25-page text (in new German, such a thing is called a “whitepaper”) on the subject of post-quantum cryptography. Entitled “Post-Quantum Cryptography – Explained in an Understandable Way”, this whitepaper is available free of charge on the Security Insider website. However, if you want to download it, you have to provide your email address. Of course, I (as well as my employer) would be happy about a high number of accesses.

Quelle/Source: Atos

If you want to keep it a bit shorter, Security Insider also has a recent article by me on the same topic.

What I haven’t mentioned on Cipherbrain yet: cryptovision, my employer since 2004, was taken over by Atos last year. So I’m no longer working for a company with 70 employees, but for an international corporation with 110,000 employees. A lot has changed in my professional life, fortunately not necessarily for the worse. By the way, I spent this week in Paris, where Atos has its headquarters.

Post-quantum cryptography plays a strategically important role for Atos. Unfortunately, the topic is not straightforward: the techniques are diverse and mathematically challenging, and standardization is still in flux. How to migrate to post-quantum methods is still unclear in many cases. Information on post-quantum cryptography that can be understood without a degree in mathematics is scarce. The topic is therefore made for me, after all, for 25 years I have made a large part of my living from explaining cryptographic issues as comprehensibly as possible.

Quelle/Source: Atos

The whitepaper is available in German and English. Unfortunately, only the German version is available at the above address, while the English version has not yet been distributed. This should change, but sometimes the mills grind a little slower in a large corporation. If you want to have the English whitepaper, please send me an email.

If you want to add a comment, you need to add it to the German version here.

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