Podcast interview with Katharina Kramer

Heute gibt es eine echte Permiere. Zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte von Cipherbrain präsentiere ich ein von mir geführtes Podcast-Interview. Meine Gesprächspartnerin ist die Schriftstellerin Katharina Kramer.

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As we all know, once must be the first time. So today, for the first time in the history of this blog, I present a podcast interview.


The prehistory

A few months ago, the Hamburg writer Katharina Kramer contacted me. She pointed me to her novel “The Language of Light”, in which numerous cryptological themes also play a role.

Quelle/Source: Droemer

Since I had just planned a trip to Hamburg anyway, I suggested that we meet there. However, that was not possible for scheduling reasons. Ms. Kramer therefore suggested an interview conducted by video conference. I agreed and decided to turn this conversation into a podcast interview. And that’s exactly what happened.


Katharina Kramer

Katharina Kramer studied English, French, journalism and education in Hamburg, Durham/England and Paris. She has worked as a non-fiction translator as well as a high school teacher, and as a journalist specializing in science and cultural history, writing for ZEIT, Süddeutsche Zeitung, SPIEGEL, GEO, mare, and PM-History, among others. “The Language of Light” is her first novel.


The interview

And here you can listen to the interview:


Links to the interview

Here are a few links to topics addressed in the interview:


Feedback requested

Of course, I would now be interested in what my readers think of this podcast interview. In particular, I would be happy to receive suggestions for improvement. I hope to have the next interview in this format soon.

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