The Friedman Ring Challenge by Matthew Brown

Four months ago, Matthew Brown solved Norbert Biermann’s challenge, making him the current holder of the Friedman Ring. Today I present Matthew’s new challenge. Whoever solves it will be his successor.

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The first person to solve the current crypto puzzle creates the next one. The Friedman Ring works according to this simple principle. It is a game named after the cryptologists William and Elizebeth Friedman. It is modeled on the Iffland Ring, which has been awarded to actors for centuries.

Three months ago, the sixth round of the Friedman Ring game came to an end. The last puzzle so far came from Norbert Biermann. Matthew Brown was the first to solve it and thus became the new bearer of the Friedman Ring. Shortly after him, Jarl Van Eycke also published the correct solution. In addition, Joachim, Rossignol, Doc Cool, Thomas Bosbach, Geoffrey Caveney, Jan, Nils Kopal, Chris, Gerd, David Vierra and Armin Krauß gave clues.

This results in the following list of bearers of the ring:

  1. Frank Schwellinger
  2. Anna Salpingidis und Christoph Tenzer
  3. Armin Krauß
  4. Christoph Tenzer
  5. George Lasry
  6. Norbert Biermann
  7. Matthew Brown

The respective recipient of the Friedman ring undertakes to develop a crypto puzzle and to make it available to me. Whoever solves this puzzle first is the new bearer. There is a web page on the progress so far.


Matthew Brown’s Challenge

Now let’s move on to the new Friedman Ring Challenge that Matthew sent me. It consists of two parts. Here is the first one:

Quelle/Source: Matthew Brown

And here is the second part:

Quelle/Source: Matthew Brown

Matthew has not provided any further information so far. As you can see, there is no encryption visible at first. So it is a steganographic code. I am curious to see what is behind it. Thanks to Matthew for this challenge.

As mentioned before, one of the peculiarities of this game is that every reader hint published as a comment can help another codebreaker to win. I therefore ask my readers not to be quite so selfish. If there is discussion in the forum about possible solutions, it makes things more exciting for everyone. Of course, I will acknowledge every comment that contributed to the solution accordingly.

The race is on!

If you want to add a comment, you need to add it to the German version here.

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