The Friedman Ring is a series of cryptographic challenges named for William and Elizebeth Friedman. It works according to a simple principle: The first person to solve the current crypto puzzle creates the next one.


The first challenge: Frank Schwellinger

The challenge that was later declared the first one in the Friedman Ring series was created by Frank Schwelliinger.


April 2021 – July 2021: Anna Salpingidis and Christoph Tenzer

Anna Salpingidis and Christoph Tenzer solved Frank’s challenge and so became the first bearers of the Friedman Ring.

Anna created the next challenge:


July 2021 – August 2021: Armin Krauß

Armin Krauß solved Anna’s challenge and became the second bearer of the Friedman Ring.

Armin created the next challenge:


August 2021 – October 2021: Christoph Tenzer

Christoph Tenzer solved Armin’s challenge and became the third bearer of the Friedman Ring.

Christoph created the next challenge:

The cryptogram is also available as an image:

Quelle/Source: Tenzer


October 2021 – February 2022: George Lasry

George Lasry solved Christoph’s challenge and became the fourth bearer of the Friedman Ring.

Quelle/Source: Schmeh

George created the next challenge:

Quelle/Source: Schmeh, Lasry


February 2022 – now: Norbert Biermann

Norbert Biermann solved George’s challenge and became the fifth bearer of the Friedman Ring.